Mr. John Staff Picture

Mr. John = Family

Committed to providing employees with an exciting, challenging, and rewarding work environment, we have a family atmosphere and culture that complements both our vision and mission as a company.


We recognize that continued success depends on new and creative ideas from everyone. Each employee is challenged to review his/her responsibilities and create innovative solutions to problems.


Mr. John encourages employees to grow and improve themselves. We provide on-the job training, opportunities to participate in cross-training to acquire additional skills, and opportunities to participate in company-sponsored programs and seminars.

We believe it is the responsibility of each employee to be the absolute best he/she can be. We strive to cultivate an atmosphere where this philosophy is continuously encouraged and employees are given the opportunity to succeed.


When opportunities exist, we look to fill positions from within the company.


We recognize that continued success depends on meeting the needs of our customers. We encourage employees to listen to our customers and strive for better ways in which to meet or exceed their demands.


Mr. John uses various methods to compensate and reward people who excel in their performance.

Mr. John is currently accepting applications.