Photo of the Mr. John Flush and Accessible Units

Mr. John flushing toilets are the standard for special events and contribute a superior user experience. At outdoor events, portable toilets in adequate numbers will generate revenue for event organizers because spectators will stay longer.


Mr. John has a variety of products that will help make any outdoor wedding a success. From our flush unit to our Elite Toilet Trailers, we can provide the equipment needed to make that special day perfect.

When standard is what you want, Mr. John can provide our Flush Unit, or our roomier Wheelchair Accessible Unit to provide accommodations to guests.

If a higher level of luxury is required for the wedding, Mr. John VIP Units and Mr. John Deluxe Units are great options. These individual units include interior lighting, flushable toilets, freshwater sinks, and mirrors.

When water and electric are available the Mr. John Elite Series Trailers provide the highest level of sophistication for our customers.


Stadiums, Auto Races, Marathons, Golf Tournaments, Parades, Concerts, Festivals, Fairs, Graduation Parties, Holiday Parties, Weddings


Flush, Flush Plus, Urinal, Family Room, Wheelchair Accessible, Deluxe, VIP, Aqua Flush, Holding Tank, Freshwater Sink, Water Tank, Classic Series Restroom Trailers, Elite Series Trailers


Hand Sanitizer

The Mr. John Advantage: