Residential Septic

Since 1964, Mr. John has been providing residential septic service throughout Western Pennsylvania. Our highly trained drivers are experts in septic system maintenance, and we offer the services required to properly care for our customers’ needs.

Mr. John septic guarantees that all liquid and solid waste material pumped from your septic tank will be transported and disposed of at an E.P.A. registered and approved disposal facility. Mr. John’s goal is to provide quality service at a reasonable price and to protect the environment of our valued customers and their families.

Residential Septic Flyer


Reminder Program

Mr. John also offers a reminder program to residential customers. Service lapses can result in damage to septic tanks and lead to costly repairs. Mr. John automatically sends a service reminder two years after scheduled service to help customers properly maintain their septic systems.

PMSA – Septic Tank Pumping Frequency


Neighborhood Savings

To save money on septic tank cleaning, schedule service the same day as two or more of your neighbors and receive $20 off the standard price.

  • Septic tank pumping
  • Scum blanket evaluation
  • Sludge evaluation
  • Water flow observation
  • General tank condition observation

(If a more detailed septic system assessment is needed, contact a licensed septic inspector.)

What You Should Know About Your Septic Tank

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