Ground Level Office

Tri-Boro Trailer’s 8×20 Ground Level Container office fulfills customer space needs by providing an interior office finish, with all of the convenience and security features of a storage container.

Ground Level Offices are constructed of heavy-duty steel, yielding a maximum level of protection. Each unit offers convenient access without the need for steps, and the simple installation process requires minimal time for set up and tear down.

For construction, commercial, industrial, retail, or municipal use, these offices are a great solution for temporary office space.

Ground Level Container Office Flyer

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  • Desk with File Cabinet
  • Drafting Table
  • Through-wall AC
  • Baseboard Heat
  • Tile Floor
  • Heavy-duty Steel Construction
  • Horizontal Slider Windows
  • Fluorescent Lights
  • 120/240 Volt, 1 Phase Breaker Panel
  • Window Bars


  • Overall length: 20′
  • Width: 8′
  • Box size: 8′ x 20′ (150 sq. ft.)
  • Internal Dimensions: 7 1/2′ x 7 1/2′ x 19 1/2′


  • 100-amp service, 220v
  • Area must be free and clear, prepared, and leveled before commencement.

Floor Plan:
GLO Floor Plan

Tri-Boro Trailer Service Guide

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