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Mr. John and Tri-Boro Trailer together are a one-stop-shop for job site solutions. Our Trifecta discount includes the rental of portable toilets, office trailers, and storage containers at a single site or location. The Trifecta discount allows our customers to save time and effort by working with one company for all purchasing, billing, and service issues.

Tri-Boro Trailer has been a top provider of office trailer and mobile storage solutions to the construction industry since 1964. We handle all types of jobs including residential, commercial, industrial, highway, and remodeling projects. Our line of products includes a variety of 8-foot wide, 10-foot wide, and 12-foot wide trailers, ground-level storage containers, and custom floor plans for rental or purchase. Equipment delivery, pick up, and service are all done by in-house Tri-Boro employees, ensuring that our customers receive the best service available.

*Discount only applies when renting all three on the same job site.

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Trifecta Discount

Trailers 10% discount on 4 week rental
Toilet 10% discount on 4 week rental
Containers 10% discount on 4 week rental

*Discount only applies when renting all three on the same job.

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