Between office parties, holiday shopping, and family activities, the holidays can be a hectic time for any family. Safety is something that will always be important and can be forgotten during such a crazy time, which is why we have 10 tips for you to keep in mind during this holiday season!


Tip #1 – Stay Alert In Parking Lots

Always remember to lock your vehicle and cover valuables, such as purses or shopping bags. Trunks or locked compartments are preferred for the most security. Look the inside of your car before entering to check for evidence of a possible burglary. If noticeable damages or suspicious entry is seen, call your local law enforcement.

Tip #2 – Stay Alert To Your Surroundings

Although the holiday season is the time of giving, it also provides opportunities for potential thieves. Take a moment to spot suspicious behavior or vehicles in your area and do not leave your personal belongings unattended. Even when shopping online, remember to keep secure accounts, monitor your credit card records for unusual activity, and never share personal information to pop-up sites.

Tip #3 – Shop With Friends

When shopping with friends, you have safety in numbers. Looking out for each other can be a great way to ensure safety.

Tip #4 – Avoid Overloading Yourself With Packages

Packages, bags, purses, presents, they all are distractions during any shopping trip and having several of each only makes the distractions greater. Taking an extra trip to unload your bags in your vehicle is well worth the time to eliminate distractions and prevent leaving items behind.

Tip #5 – Children Safety

Sometimes holiday shopping with children cannot be avoided, so keeping a close eye on them at all times is a must. Coaching them to go to a store staff member or security guard if they get separated from you is a great precaution to take in case of emergency. Providing your children with a contact phone number will also help in situations of separation.

Tip #6 – Let Friends Or Neighbors Know When You’re Traveling

Informing someone you trust when and where you will be can give you the upper-hand on preventing burglaries and stolen mail.

Tip #7 – Watch Daily Weather Reports

Weather is unpredictable, especially during the winter months so staying up to date on forecasts is a necessity. Black ice, snowfall, and freezing temperatures can all be factors in making a shopping trip much more risky.

Tip #8 – Celebrate The Holidays Responsibly

The holiday season brings in holiday parties with family, friends, and coworkers. Enjoy these events responsibly by monitoring how much you or your friends drink, declaring a designated driver, and never let someone leave if they have had one too many.

Tip #9 – Keeping Your Home Safe

It never hurts to double check locked doors, windows and sliders when you are taking long or short trips away from home. Keeping some lights on with timers while you are gone will give the appearance that your home isn’t vacant, which can fend off unwanted guests. Do not feel obligated to answer the door if you do not recognize the guest and it is always a good idea to teach children to never answer the door without your knowledge.

Tip #10 – Test Smoke Alarms

Testing smoke alarms should be done monthly to make sure that batteries are still full and everything is in working order. Christmas tree and outlet fires are very common during the holidays, so smoke detectors should be ready at all times to do their job if need be.