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Whether you have a job in Pittsburgh PA or Nashville TN, Mr. John is ready to handle all of your portable sanitation needs.

Our portable toilets come in all shapes, sizes and varieties.  We can add a sink, a sling or a heater to any portable toilet in our fleet. We have restrooms perfect for construction, a party, a wedding, whatever your needs may be.

Mr. John is here for you no matter where you go!


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When you’re a kid you imagine you’ll have a firefighter’s or a doctor’s job. But you never expect to find a job working in the office of a portable toilet company in Pittsburgh. I got lucky, and this is my first “real” job. I say real in quotations not because this isn’t a serious job. Every job is a serious job.
Just that lemonade stands and craft shows don’t show up on your taxes. At the age of seventeen most people are spending their summers volunteering at summer camps for five year olds, making pizza for $7.50 an hour on the weekends, or in most cases than less, sleeping until noon trying to wait out the running clock of summer until the approaching school year begins. Read Full Post »

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Mr. John portable toilets

You may be familiar with portajohns and porta-potties, even if it leads to a cringe-worthy reaction. That’s because generally speaking, the portable toilet rentals most of us grew up with are the single unit, cramped, smelly, sitting stalls that serve as a short-term solution to temporary sanitation problems.

The truth is that portable restroom options have grown in the past few years. Believe it or not, some of the portable restroom trailers on the market may actually be cleaner than the public restrooms you find throughout your community. Read Full Post »

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Apart from the convenience of having clean portable restrooms at large events, outdoor events or events where the indoor toilets cannot keep up with the demand, there are many benefits of portable sanitation. Flushing portable toilets take these benefits to the next level, providing an effective and environmentally friendly way to keep your event as clean as can be.

Instead of holding waste in a big, open tank, a flushing portable toilet rinses away waste after each use. The holding tank is discretely enclosed, keeping waste sealed away from eyes and noses while keeping your guests happy. Still not convinced? Here are 6 reasons why you should choose a flushable portable toilet for your next special event or seasonal rental! Read Full Post »

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 It may surprise you, but washing your hands after using the bathroom is less common than assumed. One in five people don’t wash their hands, and only about one in 20 people actually wash their hands with soap for 15 seconds or more. If this doesn’t seem to bother you, there are plenty of other shocking facts about sanitation you may leave you with second thoughts the next time you flush.

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photo of a Mr. John Flush Plus Interior

Renting a porta potty for a single event that is only supposed to last a day or two usually requires a little work. You do have to know how many portable bathrooms you need from a portable toilet company, and do you have to be ready in case anything goes wrong, but for the most part you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance when renting portable bathrooms on a short-term basis. By the time your porta potties need to be cleaned, your portable toilet company of choice will be on hand to clean them and take them away. Read Full Post »

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Mr. John and Tri-Boro TrailerYou have plenty of options available to you if you need to rent portable toilets for an outdoor event. There are countless portable toilet suppliers in the area who should be able to supply you with the bathrooms and the services that you need, but you still should do your homework to make sure that the supplier is the best possible fit. This is especially important if you have little or no experience planning outdoor events and renting portable bathrooms. Read Full Post »

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Graduation. Cookouts. Weddings. Parties. Bonfires. Summertime is almost here and it’s time to relax and celebrate the good times in our lives. It’s almost time to pull out the sunscreen, hit the beach and just lay back and enjoy the sunset. Time to spend time with family and old friends and reminisce about the good times we’ve had with good people and it’s also time to start creating new memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

In the midst of all of our vacations, excursions, and events, a very vital, and often overlooked, aspect of any outdoor activity is the restroom. It’s the last thing on our mind, but it’s the first thing we regret neglecting when we see what we end up stuck with. Where are girls going to go to talk and fix their makeup and where the guys going to go after they’ve had one too many?

Out With the Old; In With the New

Whenever we normally think of bathroom rentals, we always think of gross construction sites that have a hole in the floor for everyone’s business to empty into. We think of cramped, dark, closed quarters, barely big enough to turn around and there’s never any toilet paper or a mirror or a place to hang your belongings. Trips to the bathroom are typically a tag team event, where we go with a willing friend (often bribed for their participation) and they hold our belongings while we hold our breath for as long as necessary while you use the bathroom as quickly as possible. Our number one priority is getting in and getting out and forgetting that it ever happened.

But what if you could change that? What if your bathroom rental could be a positive part of your summer experience? Fortunately, as time, technology, and plumbing has evolved, so have temporary bathrooms. Renting a bathroom for your outdoor event is now a mindful step to ensure that your guests have all of the comfort and convenience they need to have a good time.

Outside of just looking better, they feel better, they smell better, and they add a touch of thoughtfulness to any event. On the very low end, our units are very spacious with the maximum level of ventilation, a translucent roof for good lighting, an interior lock, hand sanitizer, coat hook and an occupancy indicator. No more cramped, dark, stuffy corners. Our flushing toilet units are operated by a foot pump, so no one ever has to touch a dirty toilet again.


For Your “Forever” Events

For more extravagant events, bathroom trailers are an excellent solution. Bathrooms are typically the spot for all conversations and bathroom trailers provide a feeling of intention; that it’s meant to be there and that it was a deliberate thought to include restrooms where people can gather. Each trailer is labeled for men and women and has individual restroom stalls that provide the maximum privacy and they are all fully enclosed (from ceiling to floor with full-length doors) and includes a luxurious finish and comfortable ambienceThis is definitely not your average bathroom rental experience.

Our Deluxe Unit is perfect for smaller occasions. It’s completely self-contained and comes fully stocked with toilet paper, hand towels and hand soap. It also has solar powered lighting, a stainless steel bowl, a fresh water-flushing toilet, built-in trash can, vanity mirror and a corner shelf. It’s so sleek on the outside that no one would think that it’s a rentable restroom and once they stepped inside they would forget that it was. It’s the perfect addition to a perfect event.

We have thought of solutions for every need. We can provide water services or temporary offices with restrooms. Our units have wheelchair accessible options as well as a lavish VIP unit that works at every event imaginable. We have thought of and have provided for every sanitation need possible to ensure that you have the best event possible.

It’s summer and the best part about summer is the warm weather and outdoor activities. Don’t let your event go by without considering your sanitation needs and options. At Mr. John, we are here to help you have the best event you could dream of, without having to worry about a dirty bathroom. Let us worry about the details; plan an awesome event and let us enhance your experience.

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