Our History

“When quality service counts, call the professionals.”

Mr. John established its presence in the Greater Pittsburgh area with the acquisition of Sanitary Control Service in 1964. In 1985, The Holden Corporation purchased Mr. John, Inc.’s Pittsburgh branch, creating a family-owned company that operates to this day. Then headquartered in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood, Mr. John had 10 employees and owned approximately 750 fiberglass portable toilets and six vehicles. The company’s focus was to provide the best customer service possible in a competitive service-driven industry.
In 1988, the company expanded its line of services to include residential septic tank pumping in addition to portable restrooms. Mr. John operated out of its Lawrenceville location from 1985 until 1992 when the company relocated to Neville Island.

By the time Mr. John relocated to Neville Island in 1992, the company had expanded to 12 employees and a product fleet of 1,000 portable toilets including 500 poly-plastic units. At this point Mr. John had established itself as an industry leader in Western Pennsylvania and was known for providing quality customer service.

Mr. John Team Photo

In 1996, Mr. John acquired Dear John, Inc. Portable Toilet Rental, which expanded the company fleet to 2,200 portable toilet units as well as fresh water sinks and toilet trailers. With a large and diverse product line, Mr. John expanded to 25 employees and 13 vehicles and secured its place as a market leader.

In 2001, Mr. John moved its company headquarters to a new facility in Stowe Township. The company’s focus remained on customer service as well as expanding products and services to satisfy customer demands. In 2005, Mr. John acquired Superbowl, Inc. and added 200 additional units and three vehicles to the company fleet, which grew to exceed 50 vehicles.

Currently Mr. John and Tri-Boro Trailer employ more than 70 people and offer a wide range of products including portable toilets, restroom trailers, office trailers, storage containers and ground level office containers. Mr. John’s restroom fleet now exceeds 5,000 poly-plastic units including standard, flushing, and wheelchair-accessible models. Mr. John continues to focus on offering a diverse product line and strives to provide the highest level of customer service.

Our Team

Michael McCarthy

CEO and Chairman

Christopher McCarthy


Jeffery Wolfarth

Vice President

Alex McCarthy

Continuous Improvement Specialist

Eileen McCarthy

Executive Administrative Assistant

Adriana Stahl

HR & Safety Manager

Brandi Ketter

Marketing Director

Matt Ballas

Sales Manager

Stefania Demczak

Sales Supervisor

Jenny Flora

Customer Service Representative

Gigi Oliva

Customer Service Representative

Kameron VanBuren

Customer Service Representative

David Kropf

Operations Manager

Dale Nicholson

Service Manager

Frank Shelleby

Service Dispatcher

Arvin Young

Service Dispatcher

Jeff Flora

Yard and Shop Supervisor

Joe Hatherley

Operations Manager

Grace Savatt

Septic Division Manager

Dennis Pegher

Tri-Boro Trailer Operations Supervisor

Mike Hatherley

Fleet Manager

Nicole Hogue

Fleet Service Specialist

Kim Charlton

Accounting Manager

Jaime Gensel

Credit & Collections Specialist

Ashley Gensel

Billing Specialist

Katie McCarthy

Billing Specialist

S. Kade Grevas

Accounts Payable Specialist