Environmental Benefits Behind Portable Sanitation

Aside from the convenience of having clean portable restrooms at outdoor events, remote events, or large events where the indoor toilets cannot keep up with the demand—there are also many environmental benefits of portable sanitation. Portable toilets can be rented both short-term and long-term, and cleaning and maintenance is often included. Whether speaking of a… Read more »

Factors That Affect Porta Potty Usage – Video

It goes without question that porta potties, toilet trailers, and other sanitary items are a must have for any successful event. While often overshadowed by other elements in the event planning process, your porta potty rentals may play the biggest role in the satisfaction of your guest.

Infographic | Construction Site Sanitation

Warm weather, sunny skies and melting snow. Construction season is just around the corner. If you’re a project or construction site manager, odds are that you will be spending the next few weeks getting your worksite, workforce and creating your plan to efficiently and effectively take on your next project.

Porta Potty Placement for Beginners

Porta potty rentals are essential for anybody throwing a large outdoor event, but they can present a logistical nightmare for those who aren’t used to having portable toilets on hand. You need to estimate how many porta potties you will need, and you need to know where to place them where they will be the… Read more »

Getting to know Mr. John – Interview with Ashley

What is your favorite cereal? Lucky Charms   Summer, fall, spring or winter?  Why? Fall, I love the colors!   Mountain hideaway or beach house?  Why? Beach house – I love to relax in the sun!  Drinking and games too of course.

Mr. John standard units, wheelchair accessible, and freshwater sinks

Accommodating Special Needs with Portable Sanitation

When hosting large events, it is important to focus on different ways to accommodate all your guests. Renting portable sanitation rooms is a great way to show guests you would like to offer convenience and cleanliness. It is important to think of all your guests when you rent portable restrooms. Some guests need portable restrooms… Read more »

Cleaning Up America’s Hand Washing and Hygiene Habits

As we begin to move closer to cold and flu season throughout the U.S., Mr. John sought out to uncover some of America’s dirtiest secrets when it comes to their practice of good hygiene. In their latest nationwide poll, the portable sanitation experts at Mr. John surveyed hundreds of Americans to discover just how many… Read more »

Photo of Mr. John toilets lined up at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field

5 Perfect Events to Benefit from Porta Potty Rentals

There are many outdoor events that will benefit from short-term rental of a porta potty or toilet trailer. Even if the event has indoor or outdoor public restrooms available, the number of guests in attendance may leave you in need of more restrooms—or strategically placed restrooms. The events below are likely to benefit from outdoor… Read more »