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Porta Potty Planning for the Big Day – Slideshow

If you are planning an outdoor wedding this summer, you will need to consider if adding additional sanitation to your outdoor location is required. Even if your wedding is fairly casual, you are sure to want facilities that are a step up from the standard porta potty, or the average beach or park restroom.  Below… Read more »

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The Finer Details of Special Event Sanitation Planning

Restroom trailers and a deluxe porta potty rental might be just what you need to complete your next special event. These types of portable sanitation units are designed to help provide you with the facilities you need for your guests or event attendees. Making provisions for portable restroom trailers requires you to invest some time… Read more »

Does Cleanliness Really Count When Hosting an Outdoor Event? – Survey

Event planners know that arranging for their big day is a lot of work. Hosting your event outdoors only adds to your troubles. Providing the proper permits, arranging for any food or entertainment and choosing the appropriate venue is enough work on its own, and that is before even considering how you will keep your… Read more »

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Planning Your Construction Site Portable Bathroom Rentals

A construction site requires a sanitation plan that is thorough and complete. Such a plan must meet the requirements of OSHA, including portable toilet trailers and a portable toilet with sink adequate to meet the needs of all workers and others accessing the site. The specific OSHA standards for the safety and health regulations for… Read more »

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3 Common Mistakes Made In Porta Potty Planning

When planning a special event you’ll need to consider restrooms for those attending. If your event doesn’t have nearby bathrooms then renting portable bathrooms will be necessary. Here are some tips to keep people from discussing the bathroom facilities, and instead, fully engaged and enjoying themselves.

Photo of the Mr. John Flush and Accessible Units

Porta John Rentals: You’ve Got Options – Video

Porta Johns are far removed from the “one-size-fits-all” solution in years past. Now, specialized porta potties are all the rage. Portable toilet rentals come in all shapes and sizes, making them suitable for almost any outdoor event you could think of. So whether you’re planning a lavish outdoor wedding or just need a simple solution… Read more »

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Porta Potty Rental Options for Weekend Long Events

If you are planning a family reunion, weekend festival, or any event that is sure to attract a large crowd – then you may want to consider a few temporary toilet solutions. Even if indoor bathrooms are available, the restrooms are often shared with other venue attendees – or simply may not be enough to… Read more »

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Prepping Your Worksite for Winter

The winter months are approaching. As a construction site manager, it is important to begin the planning process in order to prepare your worksite and protect your important capital equipment. Office trailers for rent as well as mobile storage containers are just some of the essential additions you’ll need to keep your site safe and operational,… Read more »

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5 Misconceptions About the Porta Potty

Portable toilets have undergone a considerable evolution since the inception of outhouses and other varieties of outdoor plumbing facilities. Those first outhouses were no more than permanent or semi-permanent structures placed over dugout pits, which either had to be periodically emptied, or an entirely new pit had to be dug and the structure moved along… Read more »