A construction site requires a sanitation plan that is thorough and complete. Such a plan must meet the requirements of OSHA, including portable toilet trailers and a portable toilet with sink adequate to meet the needs of all workers and others accessing the site. The specific OSHA standards for the safety and health regulations for construction related to sanitation can be found in OSHA Standard Number 1926.51.

It is important to understand what key products and services available for meeting a construction site’s sanitation needs. This includes the plan for having adequate portable toilets with sinks as well as portable toilet trailers. This also includes a consideration of purchasing portable bathrooms or portable bathroom rentals. Such considerations are important in order to meet OSHA’s requirements found in Standard Number 1926.51 as well as meet any local and/or state requirements for sanitation on a construction site.

Creating a Construction Site Sanitation Plan

Before considering the types of products available to meet your needs on the site for sanitation, it is important to have in place a construction site sanitation plan. A construction site sanitation plan allows you to visualize the number of site sanitation products needed as well as place them appropriately for access by your employees. For example, having fresh water hand washing stations placed remotely on one end of the site may reduce the productivity of your workers who work in the air or at a location where such stations may be inaccessible.

The plan also allows you to determine the best access for the removal of waste or delivery of potable water, as well as nonpotable water used for firefighting and other purposes other than consumption. Depending on where construction is taking place, you may be required to file the sanitation plan with local government officials or have available such information in the event of a site inspection. Creating a construction site sanitation plan is a must in order to properly meet your sanitation needs.

Some Key Products to Consider for Your Construction Site Sanitation Needs

The key products that should be part of your consideration as a construction site manager include potable water, nonpotable water, portable toilet trailers and a portable toilet with sink. These products are typically outlined in those requirements published by OSHA as well as by a locality where your construction project is being completed.

Potable water is water that must be made available for your employees on the constructions site. This is water that is deemed safe for drinking. Whether your construction site is in a warm or cold weather climate, it is important to provide an adequate supply of potable water for your employee’s benefit and productivity. Nonpotable water is also needed for emergency purposes, such as firefighting. OSHA standards, as well as those found in many localities, require that potable and nonpotable water be clearly marked as either drinkable or not suitable for drinking.

Portable toilet trailers may be an appropriate solution for larger construction sites while the use of an individual portable toilet with sink may meet your needs a smaller project. Your construction site sanitation plan will dictate the type and number of toilets that you need, as well as local construction codes.

Meeting Your Construction Site’s Sanitation Needs

Meeting your needs requires you to plan accordingly for how many sanitation products you need and the best way to acquire them. Cost is certainly a key consideration as you plan to meet the needs for the site. Additionally, the number of employees you have as well as other individuals who will be accessing the site will influence how best to plan for the number of toilets and trailers necessary to meet standards set forth by federal, state and local codes and regulations.

Once you have made your plan, consult with an expert in the area of construction site sanitation by reaching out to Mr. John. Our expertise can help you to effectively plan for your needs while discovering best option in order to meet your budget. Instead of making a capital equipment purchase of trailers, portable toilets and other sanitation equipment, save your money and stop wasting time. Contact Mr. John for all your construction site sanitation needs and maintain your efficiency all project long.