Portable bathrooms are rarely the ideal choice for most people, but they are necessary for any successful outdoor event. Fortunately, modern bathroom rental companies offer plenty of accessories that make the porta potty of old much more comfortable and convenient. They can also make things a lot easier to handle on your end if you choose the right accessories and amenities. If you’re planning any kind of event that will require a portable bathroom, here are some accessories that you simply should not go without.

Containment Trays

Truth be told, porta-potties don’t have a great reputation. When run-off starts to seep through the bottom, that bad reputation quickly sinks south. Make sure you take every effort to prevent run-off by adding a containment tray to each of your portable restrooms.  Containment trays ensure that any potential run-off is accounted for, containing water and cleaning solutions in the tray to help keep your guests comfortable.


Handicap Accessible Bathrooms

You should have at least one portable bathroom on site that is handicap accessible. If you’re hosting a particularly large event, you will probably need a few handicap portable bathrooms. It’s easy to overlook the fact that some people will absolutely need these larger units, so include them in your order and don’t hesitate to ask your bathroom rental company of choice how many they recommend you keep on hand.

Bathrooms for the Entire Family

Sometimes when you’re hosting an event, the most difficult guests to keep comfortable and satisfied may be your smallest attendees. Making sure you have plenty of family-friendly bathroom rentals provide convenience for parents and young children. Equipped with a spacious interior equipped with a baby changing station, courtesy mirror and flushable toilet, a family room will help your event achieve greater success.


Whether we like it or not, we can’t control the weather. Make sure your guests are comfortable for those days that are less than pleasant by adding a heater to your portable toilet rentals. These wall mounted heater units will help keep guests happy and comfortable throughout your event. Featuring a comfort control thermostat and an auto-shut off capabilities, heaters are a great way to show your guests you care.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Many portable bathrooms come with hand sanitizing stations on the inside. These use the kind of gel hand sanitizer that will clean a person’s hands without water. It’s not as good as actually washing your hands in a sink, but it will do for an outdoor event. As long as you keep your bathrooms well stocked with hand sanitizer, you can be sure that your guests will be able to keep their hands germ-free after using your toilets.

If you’re holding a large event and you really want to make your guests happy, ask about standalone hand sanitizing or hand washing stations. These are more expensive and may require the use of running water, but as we said earlier, they are preferable to using hand sanitizer to keep one’s hands clean. These are especially useful if you have your portable toilets all in one central location. Just set up a hand washing station next to your bathrooms to give your guests a convenient way to keep their hands clean.

Portable toilets have never been known for their comfort or convenience, but companies like Mr. John are slowly changing that notion. At Mr. John, our portable sanitation providers feel there is no reason why portable toilets cannot be comfortable. Our bathroom rentals include the finest in amenities and features, providing quality and convenience with every flush. If you’re holding an outdoor event, you can’t go wrong by working with the temporary sanitation experts at Mr. John.