If you are organizing an upcoming special event for the near future, and you’re expecting to have several dozen or event hundreds of people attending, then you certainly have quite a bit of planning on your plate. Whether it is for a corporate event, a family reunion, or a fun festival of several different affairs, you certainly want to make sure that you are thoroughly and properly prepared to accommodate all the necessary amenities for your valuable guests.

It seems more often than not, people tend to forget about preparing for some of the little things when it comes to their big events. One commonly forgotten step is planning for the convenience of a restroom nearby. People typically don’t think about the need for a restroom at an event until they “have to go.” So wouldn’t it be nice to go above and beyond their expectations and completely impress them by having a beautiful, unique, luxury portable bathroom for them to freshen up in?

We certainly think so! Picture this scenario: say you are hosting an outdoor professional golfing tournament in your city and are expecting some people of very high importance to attend (for example professional players, announcers, etc.). Well, you definitely don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to amaze them. Well why not consider giving them exclusive access to their very own private luxury porta potty? We guarantee you’ll win big bonus points with all of them, and it’ll be a great topic of discussion well after the event has come and gone. Everyone will surely be talking about those great luxury portable bathrooms you had specially provided just for them!


Portable Toilet Planning for Your Wedding

Now this pretty much goes without saying, but weddings are usually a very big deal. They are very important days for the bride as well. For an outdoor wedding, why not treat her to her very own personal bridal luxury portable bathroom? Sometimes weddings can involve hundreds of guests at a time, all of whom are wearing their most formal gowns and suits.

The most popular time of the year to have wedding ceremonies is in the spring and summer months. That way, everything can all be performed outside where it’s nice, beautiful and airy, and no one has to feel cooped up inside a stuffy old ballroom or event center. If a wedding is out in a large open area, like at a mountain resort for example, then it could be quite a long walk back to the lodges just to simply use the restrooms. Well, it sure would be nice to offer your formal guests the convenience of having access to a restroom on the recreational grounds, wouldn’t it? And not just any restroom, but one of elegant and luxurious nature? Bring the lodge restrooms to them with luxury portable bathroom trailers!

Restrooms for a Family Reunion

Have a family reunion scheduled for the summer? Then you might be expecting a few very special guests of all sorts of ages. Some of them may even rely on a walking cane, wheelchair or walker to help them get around. Well, wouldn’t it be nice to offer your beloved elderly family members the convenience of having a luxury toilet rental for their immediate access? Or better yet, a wheelchair accessible unit with spacious interiors designed for easier maneuverability? They will appreciate you for going out of your way to make sure that they are not only comfortable, but also safe as well. After all, there is a reason why you are the most favorite grandchild in the family.

Festivals and Events of Special Nature

Now we understand that there may be some instances here you are expecting such a large crowd of people (we’re talking in the hundreds, or even thousands) that you don’t necessarily want to provide such a nice luxury to every single person attending.

Not only is it unnecessary, but let’s face it. If everyone had access to a luxury toilet rental at a large event or show, that they wouldn’t be considered luxurious for long at all! When a large crowd of people comes together, they are usually gathering to see an individual of special importance, or a group of popular stature. Perhaps a public speaker, a musical artist, or a personality of celebrity status. You wouldn’t want to give them just any old ordinary porta potty, would you? Heavens no! You want to give them a nice, clean, private luxury porta potty to enjoy all to themselves. What a great way to say thank you for attending! Not only will you make a great impression, but they may also like it so much that they agree to return in the future for another event!

So regardless of the nature of your special event, having access to luxury portable bathrooms certainly has its perks for both you, and your guests. People will absolutely love and appreciate the efforts you went to in order to give them a nice amenity at your disclosure. They will remember those wonderful porta potty restrooms for many years to come!

If you would like more information about our luxury toilet rentals, or to check availability for the future, please give us a call today. We are here to help you make your event a memorable one!