Restroom trailers and a deluxe porta potty rental might be just what you need to complete your next special event. These types of portable sanitation units are designed to help provide you with the facilities you need for your guests or event attendees. Making provisions for portable restroom trailers requires you to invest some time and effort in creating a sanitation site plan. This plan allows you to determine the appropriate mix of units needed to make your event truly special.

It may not seem like much, but managing the finer details when planning your special event is extremely important. Here is a look at how to best develop a sanitation plan to complement your event. This includes understanding the permitting requirements for your locality and accounting for the correct number of portable sanitation units necessary for your guests. Mastering the finer details of special event sanitation planning will help you have a successful outing and provide for the sanitation needs of your invitees.

Sanitation Permitting Requirements for Special Events

Many localities require you to apply for a special events permit when planning a gathering that will involve more than a few people. This generally applies to festivals, neighborhood block parties and others where street closures may take place. It may also apply if you plan to use a public space (i.e. a park or recreational space) for a private purpose, such as a wedding. The special events permit allows you access to the area you are looking to have your party, and requires, among other things, a plan for meeting the special needs of your guests and attendees.

The City of Pittsburgh requires in its regulations for special events that a Proposed Site Plan be provided. This would include the location of structures, electrical, sanitation, and plumbing. It would also include the location by street of any assembly areas for the event. These requirements are best met by considering carefully the layout of your site and where best to provide portable toilets that are accessible to your guests, attendees or participants. Map out the location of the porta potties and be sure to take into consideration any need for wheelchair accessible units placed In the appropriate location.

When you’re creating your sanitation plan, there are certain questions you should be prepared to answer. This includes knowing how many people will be attending the event and how long you plan on holding the event. These two key questions allow you to pinpoint the number of portable toilet rentals you will need to keep your guests comfortable and satisfied. Additionally, you need to determine if any of your guests have special needs, and if alcohol will be consumed at the event. A quick rule of thumb to follow is that drinking alcohol will increase portable restroom usage by 20 to 30 percent.

As for meeting any special needs of your guests, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that appropriate accommodations be made for those who are disabled. In addition to the number of standard toilet rentals you make available, you need to add a corresponding number of wheelchair accessible portable sanitation units. These ADA compliant toilet rentals are an excellent option due to their spacious interior and added features that make using the restroom easier for any guest.



Determining the Type of Portable Sanitation Toilets Needed

Once you have answers to the questions above, your next task is to determine how many and what type of toilet rentals you’ll be needing. You may also want to consider having a restroom trailer for more sophisticated events, like an important corporate outing or a wedding. These units are designed to elevate your event to higher standards. They offer superior comfort and the conveniences many of us have come to expect in a restroom – including full length mirrors, temperature controlled environments, sinks and even marbled countertops.

The larger the event you are planning to have, the more portable sanitation facilities you will need. Choosing a mix of restroom trailers, individual standard units, and family rooms that have a changing table option will ensure that your guests are accommodated anytime they need to go. A strategically created sanitation plan can help you determine how many rentals you’ll need, where they should be placed, and what type of facilities are most appropriate for your event.

Make sure you spend time thinking through the tough questions of your next event and create a sanitation strategy that provides your guests with comfort and convenience by contacting Mr. John. As the leading portable sanitation supplier in the Pennsylvania tristate area, our team knows exactly what your event needs to go off without a worry. Start planning your next big event and contact the sanitation team at Mr. John today!