Mr. John StandardWhether you plan to remodel a kitchen, build a brand new home, or add a wing onto a commercial building, one of the best things you can do is to place a portable toilet on your construction site. Not only do they benefit your clients, workers and the environment, but they can also save you money. Read on to find out how portable bathrooms can keep your job site safe, efficient, legal and make your clients and workers happy.

A Remedy for Faulty Logic

Sometimes companies mistakenly believe that workers should be responsible for finding restrooms for their daily use. After all, many establishments offer bathrooms for public use, including gas stations, restaurants, malls and libraries. Those same construction companies hope that they will save money by avoiding the expense of construction toilet rentals.

While this reasoning may appear sound at first glance, the logic quickly falls apart when you examine the facts. For example, each time workers visit off-site venues to use their facilities, they spend valuable time driving or walking to that location and then driving or walking back.

And, what happens when workers can’t easily find a public bathroom to use? Not only are they unhappy, but they are gone from the job site even longer. Plus, there is also the chance that other distractions will come up during their trips to find a bathroom, such as making phone calls, stopping for a beverage or grabbing a snack. In addition, clients can become concerned when workers are coming and going throughout the day because they may start to think they are wasting time. Portable bathrooms can solve these problems.

Improves Worker Productivity

If you provide portable toilets on your construction site, you will eliminate worker’s travel time to find a restroom and the possibility of off-site distractions. Workers will be able to walk right to on-site portable restrooms and be back on the job within minutes. How does this help you? To begin, your workers will be happier and more comfortable, and studies show that happy workers are more productive. This also means that your workers will be more focused and spend a lot more time on the job completing their tasks of the day. Combined, all of this means that your project’s productivity will significantly improve. This overall increase in productivity will translate into more profit for you, since your projects are more likely to finish on schedule or even ahead of time. A win-win for everybody.

Protects Your Clients’ Privacy

Occasionally companies may consider asking their clients if the crew can use their existing on-site bathroom. This is not usually a good idea. Even relatively easy building projects can interrupt the daily routines and lifestyles of individuals and families. Not only must they contend with unusual noises, dust, and debris, but if the crew needs to use their private bathroom, then it can add additional stress to their day. Providing workers with a porta potty provides clients with much needed privacy during an already challenging time.

Ensures Sites Stay Safe and Sanitary

Construction toilet rental ensures that your job sites are always clean and safe for your workers, clients and anyone who visits the construction area. These contained units are designed to protect everyone from dangerous microorganisms, bacteria and disease.

Keeps the Planet Healthy

These days, everybody knows that anything we can do to help keep the planet in good shape is important to our well-being and survival. Portable sanitation units can help the environment in several ways. For example, since they use very little space and don’t need an on-going water supply, they have very little impact on the earth. I

Helps You Follow the Law

If your city, town or county requires portable toilets on job sites, then you must make sure you have one in place before you start your job. If you are unsure, call your jurisdiction to learn if there are any laws or requirements you should know about. Depending on your project’s specifications, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) may also demand portable toilets for your workers. For instance, if water or sewer lines aren’t working for 72 hours, you must install no less than one portable toilet on your work site. Like other regulations, if you do not comply with the law, your project may be stopped and you can incur costly fines. Therefore, before you begin any building project, make sure to rent construction site portable toilets if they’re required. Even if they’re not required, construction toilet rental is a good idea since they can usually benefit everybody involved with your projects in one way or another.

Whether you’re planning a large scale project or a small home renovation, make sure your crew’s sanitary needs are met with help from the experts at Mr. John. Since 1964, Mr. John has helped thousands of clients throughout the Pittsburgh area keep their projects efficient and their crew’s bladders empty with their endless fleet of portable sanitation units and trailers. Start planning for your site’s sanitation needs today, and discover how Mr. John’s portable toilet rentals can help keep your team on task throughout your construction project.