As an event planner, there are many aspects of logistics that you must take into consideration. This includes the number of bathrooms, as well as the ease of access to the bathrooms. Regardless of the time of year, or whether the event is entirely indoor or outdoor, the indicators below may be a sign that it is time to upgrade your event’s sanitation facilities to a portable restroom trailer.

  1. The Event Continues to Grow

Many of your clients will come back to you year-after-year to plan their prized annual events. With any luck, these events will continue to grow each year – meaning that your need for restrooms will increase as the guest list expands. The last thing you want is for attendees to be stuck standing in long lines, opposed to enjoying the event. By renting a restroom toilet trailer, you can accommodate toilet and hygiene needs without worry of time being wasted in line.

  1. The Event is Spread Out Across a Large Venue

Another excellent reason to consider a restroom trailer rental is if the event is spread out across a large venue. Even if the number of stationary restrooms can easily accommodate the number of guests, the distance to and from the restrooms may be inconvenient. By strategically placing toilet trailers throughout the venue, you can improve the quality of time spent enjoying the event’s main attractions.

  1. The Event is Somewhat Formal

There are many events where it is clear that renting a toilet is necessary, but when is a restroom more suitable than a traditional porta potty rental? Outdoor weddings, garden parties, charity fundraisers or even a black tie affair all call for a little added luxury to your sanitation solutions. Toilet trailer rentals provide just that, offering a little more space and amenities to help transform your ordinary toilet into a little something special fit for any formal gathering.

  1. Cleanliness is a Priority

Another reason to rent a toilet trailer is because cleanliness is of high priority at your event. This could include an outdoor event where food will be served, or where food is one of the main attractions. Toilet trailers provide the sanitary needs of such events, and the trailers are well cleaned and stocked throughout the event to ensure a comfortable user experience – regardless of how many hours or days you are into the event.

  1. The Staff Needs a Place to Change and Use the Restroom

Many events do not have adequate room for the staff to change in and out of their uniforms, or use the restroom without taking too much time away from the job at hand. Staff-only toilet trailers are an excellent way to overcome this obstacle. Not only that, having staff-only toilet trailers helps to keep the restroom lines low for the event attendees.

  1. The Venue Restrooms are Sub-Par

Just because a venue has restrooms does not mean that the restrooms are ideal. For example, the public restrooms at a park may not be as well-kept as you or your guest would like. You also want to take into consideration what the venue’s response time is for cleaning, stocking and maintenance – as well as their response time if a toilet is out of order. When speaking of public restrooms, you may have little to no additional assistance, which can put a damper on the mood of your guests and the overall success of your event.

  1. You Have to Share the Venue Restrooms

Last but not least, you must recognize that your event may be occurring at the same time of others in the building. Whether your event is in a public space, or it is being held at the same time as other events in the venue, renting a toilet is likely a good idea. This way your event will not monopolize the available restrooms, and you can avoid conflicts with other events or parties also taking place.

Consider if the concerns above are of issue, then add the required number of additional toilet trailers. If you are on the fence about adding toilet trailers, it is always better safe than sorry. Make sure all your event’s sanitation needs are covered by working with the temporary toilet solution experts at Mr. John. Since 1964, Mr. John has been Western Pennsylvania’s leading supplier or porta potties and toilet trailer rentals fit to meet almost any sanitation need. If high-quality and cleanliness is important for your event, call the toilet professionals at Mr. John to handle all of your event sanitation needs.