When hosting large events, it is important to focus on different ways to accommodate all your guests. Renting portable sanitation rooms is a great way to show guests you would like to offer convenience and cleanliness. It is important to think of all your guests when you rent portable restrooms. Some guests need portable restrooms that are designed for people with special needs. You must look at companies providing disabled porta potty services to accommodate all your guests. Small children and guests with special needs will be grateful to find there are restrooms designed to meet their needs.

What is a Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty?

A wheelchair accessible porta potty is designed to help people that need more space inside. The larger restrooms allow people to have room in the restroom to help another person if needed. Five percent of all our your porta potties should be handicap accessible, with a minimum of one per order for events. The portable toilets can be placed on the floor, or you can have the portable restroom on a large trailer or platform, but you need to have a ramp for people with disabilities to reach the restroom without obstacles in the way.


When using portable toilets for events, one of the most important aspects is to keep the restroom clean. The more portable restrooms you have, the harder it can be to keep them clean. Just when you finish cleaning the last one, it’s time to turn around and start again. A solution to help with cleanliness is to hire a bathroom attendant. They will be in charge of keeping the restrooms clean, and can assist individuals with special needs.

Preventing Damage to Portable Restrooms

A major concern people deal with relates to damage to the portable restroom. The unit will be rented and you will sign consent to be liable for the bathroom. Unfortunately, damage can occur due to vandalism or weather. Purchase a Damage Waiver to protect yourself from expensive replacement costs in the event the portable restroom is damaged.

Why You Need to Rent Portable Restrooms

A portable restroom is beneficial for a number of reasons. You are required by law to supply restrooms at a public event. Portable sanitation provides the right accommodations for everyone and improves health conditions. A disabled porta potty shows customers you are going the extra step to care for their needs.

Adding Personality to Restrooms

If customer satisfaction is your goal, you can add an extra element of personality to the restroom trailer. Add a personal touch by including a floral arrangement to the restroom or add fragrances to the restroom to keep the restroom smelling fresh and clean. Consider including a nice basket of supplies for guests like soap, sanitation sprays, and lotion. If you want to brand your company, add some keychains or other promotional products that encourage people to take one home.

Where do I place Portable Restrooms?

The other thing you need to worry about is the placement of the restroom. Should you secure the toilets to a trailer and provide stairs to help people get up to the platform where the restrooms are located. Place the restrooms in areas where your guests can easily find them. If you make people walk far away to find the restroom, your guests can be frustrated.

If you are specifically looking to accommodate your handicapped guests with your portable toilet rentals, make sure you place handicapped porta potty units on flat, level ground. If you can’t find a flat, easy accessible area for your guests with special needs, consider investing adding ramps to your toilet trailers to allow your guests convenient access to the restrooms.

Calculating Restroom Requirements

How many restrooms do you need to rent for the event? Working with the right company will help you identify how many restrooms you need. Some things that will help you understand if you are renting enough is by identifying how many people are going to come to the event. Will you serve food at the event? How long will the event last? Once you calculate how many people will attend, you will have an easier time finding the appropriate number to rent. If you have a permanent facility with restrooms, you might feel you do not need to rent restrooms. Portable restrooms are a great option as it limits how many people come inside to use the restroom. It also reduces the risk of clogs in your facility as the portable toilet company will handle the disposal of waste and sanitation of the restrooms when the event is over.  Focus on providing at least one handicap unit per order.  For larger events, handicap porta potties should equal 5% of the total, this will give your guests everything they need to go out and enjoy the event worry free!

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