Mr. John stays connected through several different platforms that are accessible via internet and applications both found on your phone or other wireless devices. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and Linked In, Mr. John incorporates these social components of media and direct feedback to improve and increase awareness of the Mr. John brand.



Facebook is a media outlet that combines the personal interactions with customers and the capability advertising our promotions, events and seasonal announcements throughout the year. This direct contact allows us to learn and adapt to new strategies and business ideas. We believe there is always room for improvement and new ideas.


Instagram’s direction as a social media platform is picture and video based. This is utilized specifically for pictures of various events, clientele shout-outs, and the company’s day to day life throughout the office. Thanks to Mr. John’s fantastic clients, the toilets, trailers, and many other products get the opportunity to travel all throughout the Pittsburgh and neighboring areas. The connection to customers also continues on a personal level by following their feed along with giving recognition to any features of the Mr. John products in posted pictures.


Twitter consists of Mr. John’s simplified blogs, ideas, links, and current events throughout Pittsburgh. All of Mr. John’s social media outlets are connected through Twitter, which also makes it a diverse media tool.

Google Plus and Linked In:

Google Plus and Linked In are two other outlets that Mr. John also integrates with other social media platforms, specifically for job postings and other company news. Both of these platforms are used internally and externally as employees can stay up to date with the Mr. John company.

Social Media plays an influential role throughout our daily lives, whether that includes day-to-day information, news updates, or the latest published blog post. Stay updated with the Mr. John and Tri-Boro Trailer newsfeed by following us today on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus!