By Chris McCarthy, Vice President

I always look forward to our annual Presidents Day Training Seminar with great anticipation. Due to the nature of our business, it is one of the rare occasions that our entire company can get together as a team. The focus subject of this year’s event was customer service, and we discussed the different ways we can improve as an organization.

After presentations, round tables, games, and one-on-one conversations, I was able to come to this conclusion: We are a company that is made up of people who care deeply about what they do! Every single person that I spoke to took great pride in their work and had at least one idea to improve our customer service standards.

I would like to highlight a few other key customer service principles that were discussed during our seminar:

  • Building strong customer relationships
  • Creating exceptional customer experiences
  • Responding to customer needs
  • Maintaining a professional image including; appearance, language, and behavior
  • Owning and resolving customer problems

By applying these core values we will continue to grow as individuals and as a company. I can’t wait to hear the new ideas everyone comes up with at next year’s training seminar!