Portable toilets provide an easy and quick solution to help eliminate the costs of building and maintaining a permanent bathroom facility. A bathroom rental can come in several different models and your bathroom rental cost can also cover weekly servicing as well as construction, insurance and break down. Be sure to check out all the options your provider offers.

Model Type

Every different event and scenario calls for a different need of bathroom rental, with each unit offering a different list of features and benefits. The most basic units are a standard unit and a deluxe unit. A Standard Unit includes a toilet, urinal, toilet paper dispenser as well as a hand sanitation unit.  Deluxe Units typically offer interior lighting, a water sink and mirror on top of everything the standard unit offers. A deluxe bathroom trailer rental comes fully stocked with toilet paper, hand towels and hand soap. Other units include family rooms, flush units, wheelchair accessible and urinal units.

Sometimes, a bathroom trailer is better suited for your bathroom facility needs. Offering a higher level of sophistication, bathroom trailer rentals provide the comfort of a home bathroom in a portable trailer. Bathroom trailer rentals generally include hot and cold running water, heat and AC features, a winterization package and an on board water supply. In addition, Bathroom trailer rentals are separated by gender, featuring a different amount of toilets and urinals based upon your model order. Bathroom trailer rentals are made available in a variety of sizes to accommodate 130-800 guests.

Bathroom Rental Length, Servicing and Delivery

Pricing for a bathroom rental or bathroom trailer usually depends on the amount of time the rental is needed, with pricing typically coming in weekly, monthly or annual rates. For long-term bathroom rentals and bathroom trailer rentals, services including cleaning, maintenance and supplying are provided weekly. This option is also available for a special event bathroom rentals or bathroom trailer rentals at an extra charge. For a quote on pricing, fill out an online form detailing the purpose, length and models desired for your request.

Your bathroom rental trailer and bathroom rental will be thoroughly cleaned and maintained at its delivery, with fully stocked toilet paper, sanitizer, water and deodorizer as per your order specifications.  Bathroom trailer units and bathroom rentals are placed on level ground in a well-ventilated area making it convenient and accessible for your needs. Pickup of your rental can be set up when contacting a Mr. John customer service representative.

Insurance Coverage

With every bathroom trailer rental, or bathroom rental the customer holds responsibility for all damages that do not occur due to normal wear and tear; including graffiti, vandalism, arson, theft, hit & run, lightning, high winds and floods. The customer holds responsibility for losses from the time of delivery until the return.

For further information and details on bathroom rentals or bathroom trailer rentals in Pittsburgh, Pa view the slideshow below. To place your order for a rental, please contact Mr. John or visit online.