What is your favorite cereal? 


Mountain hideaway or beach house?  Why?

Beach House-I got to get out of this cold weather!   

Summer, fall, spring or winter?  Why? 

Spring-I HATE too hot or too cold weather, but I like ice cream.

Do you have a special talent?


How long have you been with Mr. John? 

7 years

What is your position at Mr. John?

Septic Driver

What is your desired position at Mr. John? 

I would always love to move up in the world

Favorite Mr. John memory? 

Coopers Lake, every year

What is your craziest portable toilet story?

I found a homeless guy in a toilet, the smell was bad.  I thought he was dead so I called the cops, but he was just snoozing.

What is the oldest item you own? 

A pocket watch from my dad, probably from the 30’s or 40’s

Do you like your name?  Why?

Well, I guess, there are just so many John’s at Mr. John and the jokes……..

Do you know how you got your name? 

I was named after my dad’s dad.

Do you have a nickname?

No, well I did in college, it was Cougar, as in John Cougar Mellencamp.

What do you do when you are driving alone in a car? 

Listen to the radio and think about work, all the time.

If you could speak any language, what would it be and why?

Chinese because they will own us one day.

If you had to pick one place in your town to bring a tourist, where would you go?

I would take them through the Ft Pitt Tunnels at night, beautiful!

What is one food that you will not eat? 

Seafood of any kind

Describe a time when you wanted to quit, but didn’t. 

When I got sh*t on me, on my face, even on my lips!

Is competition good for you? 

Yeah, it helps keep you on your game

What is something you learned in school that you think is useless to you today?

Algebra, all you need is basic math.

If you could become a character in a TV show or movie, who would you chose to be? 

Ed O’Neill in Modern Family because he is loaded and married to that hot broad!….and he was once Al Bundy

What is your favorite outside activity?

Summer Swimming

What is your favorite sport? Do you play or just watch?

Football, I used to play, now I just watch.

Do you play an instrument? 

No, never

What is your favorite song? 

I am more of a talk radio person.  All I listen to is DVE, Stern and Marty Griffin on KDKA

If you had to evacuate your house immediately, what is the one thing you would grab on the way out? 

My daughter

What is the main thing that makes you unique?

I can crack my wrist all the time, non-stop

My dream job is…..

To hit the lottery, retire and work as a stay at home dad