• Heather Walker (June 17) – Heather got a gold star from a customer in Moon Township. The customer and Heather were corresponding via e-mail and he noted that Heather “works hard at (her) job” and that he “appreciates all the hard work.” He said that “it’s nice to know you can depend on certain people to get things done.” That’s a great compliment!
  • Jerome Heckert (August 7) – Jerome got a gold star from a customer in Hickory. Mick called in to say that Jerome delivered the trailer and set it up very quickly. He said that our driver did an excellent job. Thanks, Jerome!
  • John Sciulli (August 26) – John got a gold star for his good work at a job site in Robinson Township. Ed wanted to thank John for the great service he provided and said that if he’s ever in the area again, he will be sure to use us!
  • John Malanchak (August 7, August 19, August 26, August 31) – John was the proud recipient of FOUR gold stars this month!

His first star came from a customer who called specifically to say that John “always does such a great job” and that he is “very pleasant, nice, and on the ball.” She had nothing but good things to say!

The second star came from a construction customer. Jeremy called in to say that John is a very personable individual and thanked him for taking care of the AquaFlush system in their trailer when they called with a problem. Jeremy said that it’s not often you find someone that does a good job and is also friendly … and then he ordered two more AquaFlushes!

John’s third star came after he installed a holding tank at a credit union in the pouring rain. Julie said that John was soaking wet and she kept trying to get him to come inside to dry off a little. She said John kept working and finished the install. She also noted that another company came to do repairs and left, saying the weather was too bad and that they would come back when the weather was better. Julie was very impressed with John’s work.

And last, but not least, John’s fourth star came from a customer in Clinton. Chris called specifically to compliment John, saying that he was “always on time,” that he is “always double-checking their equipment” and that “John is always very easy to deal with.”

Four gold stars in one month! Great work, John!