Warm weather, sunny skies and melting snow. Construction season is just around the corner. If you’re a project or construction site manager, odds are that you will be spending the next few weeks getting your worksite, workforce and creating your plan to efficiently and effectively take on your next project.

On the construction site, efficiency is key. However, many site managers fail to recognize the importance of providing their workforce with quality portable sanitation. From toilet trailer rentals to freshwater hand wash stations, portable sanitation solutions can do a lot to help you improve efficiency and save money on the construction site.

Organizing Your Construction Site’s Sanitation Plan

Planning ahead for your project needs is vital to the success of your construction site. According to regulatory departments, the sanitary and health conditions of a workplace must create and promote a productive work environment that ensures the health and welfare of its employees.

Make sure your project stays on schedule and start planning your construction site’s sanitation equipment and supplies today.

1. Portable Bathroom Trailers & Toilet Rentals

Government regulations require that toilet facilities be made available to workers on the construction site. In accordance with the American National Standards Institute, site managers should provide one toilet unit for every ten workers working a standard 40-hour work week.

When planning construction site toilet facilities, many project managers elect to go with portable bathroom trailers that provide their workers with a clean and modern solution to their restroom needs. Many of these toilet trailers feature hot and cold running water, heating and air conditioning and an onboard water supply for extra efficiency.

However, most construction site managers know that their sites don’t always offer convenient locations to service all of their workforce. Thankfully there are several types of toilet rentals that cater specifically to construction sites. Sling and Hi-rise units can be easily lifted and wheeled to otherwise hard to access areas, such as a rooftop, to help you save time, money and improve the efficiency of your workers.

2. Potable Water

Another must-have for any construction site is safe, potable water that the workers can easily access and consume without risk of immediate or long-term harm. Workers will be able to use this potable water supply for clean drinking water, cleaning themselves, and the washing and preparing of food and any cooking utensils.

Water holding tanks and portable fresh water sinks are an ideal solution to provide your employees with safe and clean running water. Work with your portable sanitation supply company to determine the option that is best for you and your project’s needs.

3. Washing Facilities

A water basin or similar type vessel that is used exclusively for the washing of hands, arms, face and head is required in order to ensure the safety of your employees. On the construction site, running water should be provided at each lavatory along with a convenient way for employees to dry their hands after cleaning.

If you elect to rent a toilet trailer for your site, sinks and fresh running water are provided within the facility, and your portable sanitation supply company can help replenish your supply of soap, hand sanitizer and drying towels.

4. Shower Facilities

According to regulations, construction managers must provide at least one shower unit for every ten employees of each sex. Each individual shower unit should provide hot & cold running water, body soap or some type of cleaning agent and individual clean towels for each employee.

Many sanitary supply companies will offer toilet trailers that feature a combination of restrooms, shower stalls and hand washing stations to offer construction site managers a convenient all-in-one solution to their site needs.

5. Changing Rooms

According to OSHA standards, all construction sites that require their employees to wear protective clothing for any reason must provide changing rooms equipped with storage facilities for street clothes and personal belongings.

Mobile office or storage trailers can be used to provide workers with a degree of privacy while they change in or out of their protective gear. These change trailers feature benches, coat hooks. Air-conditioning & heating units, and privacy windows to provide workers with everything they need to get changed and ready for the work day.

Staying on top of all the sanitary and health needs of your worksite will not only help you protect the wellbeing of your workforce, but also promote efficiency on the construction site while keeping your crew happy and healthy. Don’t settle for poor sanitation on your construction site and contact the temporary sanitation solution experts at Mr. John today!

Since 1964, Mr. John has been the go-to sanitation supply provider for construction companies all throughout Western Pennsylvania and its surrounding areas. Carrying the latest fleet of portable restroom trailers and toilet rentals in the area, Mr. John has the right equipment you need to ensure the safety and health of your work zone. Contact Mr. John today and let one of their portable sanitation professionals walk you through planning all of your construction site’s needs.

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