Most individuals and groups have learned that it is wise to carefully plan every facet of a special event ? whether a wedding, concert, food festival or carnival ? especially when they are held outdoors. Nothing can be overlooked. If the event is to transpire without any problems or snafus, every detail must be completely considered, particularly temporary toilet solutions. When you meet the needs of your guests by choosing temporary special event restrooms that are suitable for the big day, everybody at your event will have more fun and a better day. To get started, here are a few portable restroom rental tips, options and benefits that will help you plan your events. 

An Outdoor Wedding Reception

Along with all the other details to consider when preparing for an outdoor wedding, it extremely important to provide clean and properly placed temporary restrooms for the comfort and wellbeing of all of your guests. How many you need will depend on the number of guests you invite. You can usually ask a local porta potty provider for advice on how many to order and the best location for them at your venue. Certain portable restrooms are designed specifically for elegant, black-tie affairs. For example, you can find luxury portable bathroom trailers that have hand-washing stations equipped with marble countertops and walls, high-quality mirrors, and fresh running water. Because portable restroom trailers have sealed plumbing, similar to toilets in typical residential homes, they have no odor at all. High-end features like these can turn a standard portable restroom into a modern, elegant facility that is appropriate for any upscale event. Also, do remember that if champagne, alcohol or any type of beverage is free flowing during the wedding or any type of event, you may need more porta potties.

Concerts and Music

There are many steps to take when planning a concert. You must book a venue, sell tickets and hire a talented band of performers. However, one the most import things you can do is to inquire about the availability of porta potties for rent in your area, since it is imperative you have plenty of them available during the concert. Since the number of people who attend concerts can vary, you will need to estimate how many concertgoers you think may attend so you can order the correct number of porta potties and sinks for the crowd. If you order enough, the lines to use them will be short and visitors will be happy because they won’t miss any of the show while waiting for their turn. Also, do remember that some concerts draw more women than men. If you expect a large percentage of women at your concert, you should order more porta potties. Since women’s lines usually move slower, more are needed. Options for concerts include odorless portable trailers, as well as non-flushing units that are kept fresh with deodorizer tablets. Portable trailers are usually available with fresh water hookups that usually work with water connections in your city. However, if your event site is located in an area where water is not available, go ahead and choose non-flushing units.

Food Festivals

Sanitary porta potties and hand-sanitation systems at food festival events are extremely important. Since clean hands are critical to the health and safety of festival attendees, you should provide them with a sanitary place to use the restroom, a sink to wash their hands, and an effective way to sanitize their hands that is located apart from the porta potties. So, be sure to order flushing toilet rental units that come stocked with sinks that have liquid hand soap dispensers. In addition, it’s a good idea to offer hand sanitizing stations at various locations. Contained units like these will go a long way to protect food-festival goers and food from dangerous germs, bacteria and disease.

Kids’ Carnivals

When setting up kids’ carnivals, you will need to think about the porta potty needs of large groups of adults, children and families. Therefore, you may want to rent porta potty models and accessories that are comfortably equipped with sinks, baby changing stations, family rooms, hand-sanitation systems and water saving faucets. Anything you can do to make the day go smoother will help everybody have a good time and stay clean and safe. Since children usually cannot wait for long periods of time, make sure you have plenty of porta potties on hand and be sure to place them in easily accessible locations.

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