Pile of Fiberglass ToiletsWhen working on a construction project, one element that needs to be added to any job site is a portable toilet. The portable toilet has been around for several years as it helps to speed up the construction project so people have a place to use the restroom. While the models of the past were not as nice as they are today, they served the basic function of convenience. You can select bathroom rental companies to bring modern toilets to your job site. They work well for amusement parks and other events where you are required to provide people with restrooms.

When it Began

The portable toilet industry started in the 1940’s. The original portable toilets did not have the environmentally friendly approach as today’s toilets. They were used in the ship building yards of California. Before the toilets, workers had to dock the boat before they could go use a toilet. When the portable toilet was created by a ship builder, it saved workers a lot of time. The ship builder recognized a portable toilet would work and can be cleaned when the holding tanks of dock toilets were cleaned. The original portable toilet was a wood cabana with a small tank to hold the waste. After it was successfully tested, word spread about the (for its time) luxury portable toilets and other companies started developing them. Portable toilets began showing up in other industries and made its way into the amusements and events industries.

Advancements in Toilets

The first portable toilets created were not sanitary. They were made of wood and metal and usually had a hard time keeping the odors away. These portable toilets were heavy and difficult to move. It was hard to keep them sanitary so there were a number of new developments created to advance the toilet industry. The 1970’s saw toilets made from fiberglass. This material is durable, but brittle. It ended up requiring a lot of maintenance to keep it working and clean. It ended up with more odors as the fiberglass absorbed the odors. Polyurethane became the next material used for portable toilet and it is still used for a lot of toilets because it is durable and doesn’t absorb the odors like other materials do.

Modern Portable Toilets

When the clean, more modern portable toilets started making their way around, people felt better about using them. These toilets did not require electricity and they have anon porous plastic surface. This helps to prevent the material from absorbing odors. The flushing portable toilet changed the industry as it found a way to self-contain the odors. Placing a large basin in each toilet makes it easier to clean. The plastic and PVC used for the portable toilets allows companies to spray the toilets quickly to keep them clean.

Servicing Toilets

Some models are deemed luxury portable toilets because they are a little bit larger and include hand soap and other options to keep the toilet sanitized. Companies hired to clean the toilets normally deal with the installation of the portable toilet. They will bring a pump truck to the toilet to clean them out and remove odors. Each holding tank is cleaned with soap and water to remove odors and prepare the toilet for future use.

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