By Megan Wolfarth, Training and Safety Director

Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner. One thing that comes with the thaw is mud. I think just about every driver here has been stuck in the mud at least once trying to service or deliver a toilet, and has suffered the consequences of a long, hard day. So how do we fix the problem?

One of the ways to prevent this is to get out of your truck and walk the path where you will have to drive. If you start to get stuck in the mud just walking to the toilet, chances are your truck will get stuck also. Call a site supervisor to explain the situation and see if there is any way for them to help while you are still on site. Most people are happy to help out if it means they will have a clean toilet!

If there is no way to remedy the situation while on site, call Nikki or Red in the service department immediately so we can get someone to fix the problem ASAP! There may be a supervisor or route relief person in the area that can help you out! Remember that the service department is there to help you fix the problems you are having!

If anyone has any questions on what to do, see your supervisor and they’ll help you out! We are here to support you!