What are the common damages I can avoid before returning our trailer?

Removal of signs and notices attached to the interior or exterior. Avoid using tape because it will damage paneling, resulting in damage charges Holes in floor, interior/exterior walls. Damaged floor tile replacement. Replacement keys because keys are not returned. Replacement of damaged woodwork, trim and siding. Replacement of severely damaged exterior doors. Repair of HVAC… Read more »

Are there insurance requirements associated with renting a trailer?

The unit is not covered by insurance. You are responsible for losses from the time the unit is delivered to you until it is returned to us. The insurance coverage is as follows; All Risk Physical Damage – full value of unit. Comprehensive General Liability and Property Damage with Minimum limits of $300,000 each occurrence… Read more »

Do you offer options with your trailers?

We recommend that all office trailer rentals include steps, block & level, and tie down service. In addition to these standard options we offer skirting for long term rentals and sales trailers, as well as tables and chairs for lunch rooms, training rooms, and change trailers.