Whether you’re planning a big community event or a private party, sanitation may be low on your list of priorities. However, the availability or toilets and other sanitary stations can easily make or break the success of your event. Renting portable toilets is a smart decision that will not only keep your guests satisfied, but can offer a convenient and easy solution to your sanitation problem.

Before you rent your portable bathrooms, it is important to make sure you have all the planning in place to help you make the best decision possible when choosing the right portable toilet service for your event.

Sizing Up Your Event

One of the most difficult parts of your planning process will be estimating the amount of guests you need to accommodate. When it comes to your portable restroom rental needs, plan to have one porta john per every 200 uses. Most portable restroom units can accommodate 200 uses in a 4-hour period, but there are other factors you should consider when planning for the amount of toilets you need. Food service, water supply and the length of your event should all factor in on your final decision. If you need some assistance planning the amount of toilets you’ll need, turn to the experts and use the plan guide provided by the portable restroom company.

Once you determine how many toilets you should plan for your event, the next biggest decision comes with where to place your toilet rentals. Depending on your event, the placement of your toilet rentals may vary. No matter where you choose to place your portable toilet rentals, make certain they are on dry, leveled-ground and in an area that service trucks are easily able to access.

The Finer Details

Once you figure out how many portable toilets you need and have an idea of where to place them, you can turn your attention to the finer details of your event needs. Many people may be shocked to discover that portable toilets are not “one size fits all.” There are several different types of portable toilets that you can choose from, helping provide even more comfort and convenience for your guests. Beyond the standard unit, many portable restroom rental companies offer a variety of options from handicapped-friendly units to flushing and even VIP units that offer an extended amount of amenities and features. Extra amenities such as hand sanitizers, sinks and even mirrors help to accommodate your guests with the luxuries and comforts they have come to expect in a bathroom.

Beyond the amenities and features of your toilet rentals, there are other elements that you should consider when planning your event. If your event is in a public space, be sure to adhere to the local laws and regulations. Many cities require permits to set up a temporary restroom. Additionally, it is important that you stay in line with health code regulations. Keep your restrooms clean by having a bathroom attendant on-hand to keep your toilet rentals clean and well stocked. If your event is ongoing, consider having your toilet rentals serviced by the portable restroom company. Many companies provide portable toilet trailers, specifically designed for long-lasting events with extra amenities and holding tanks that can accommodate extended usage.

No matter if your event is big or small, let the temporary sanitation experts of Mr. John provide you with the high-quality service, comfort and convenience of their portable toilet rentals. At Mr. John, we handle all of your portable sanitation needs from delivery and set up to clean up and take away. If you’re looking for quality that counts with your event, call the professionals at Mr. John today!