IMG_9516So, you are organizing a festival or a party event of similar scale. It never takes too long for your guests to come flowing in to enjoy the atmosphere, and sooner or later, nature will call. When it does, your guests will be happy if they can take that call somewhere other than, well, nature.

Contemplate the different aspects of your event, such as size and layout, to help guide your porta potty and temporary sanitation choices. Is the event a music festival with several stages scattered throughout the location? Or a private graduation party at the local botanical garden? Take some time to consider your guests’ needs depending on the duration of the event and other amenities offered.

There is virtually no limit on the setup and planning of your event’s sanitation needs. The choices are up to you, but the results are for the benefit of your guests and the overall success of your event. Here are four big reasons why renting portable bathrooms and toilet units will help keep your guests happy and satisfied.

  1. Easy Access Equals Easy Comfort

Renting porta potties for your event will eliminate the need for trekking to the nearest site of indoor plumbing at a desperate pace to eliminate waste. By providing porta-potties for your event, you are tacitly assuring guests that their needs are a priority. The event is created for your guests, and the organizers take care of all the problem solving.

  1. Custom Availability for More Fun

When you bring the potties to the people, you have the option to place outdoor toilets in multiple locations that cater to guests’ participation in event facets. Their proximity to event attractions, whether the main stages or savory food trucks, will help to foster guest’s interaction with the main event. The guests will already have a sense of the nearest toilet’s location, allowing for more time focusing on dancing or socializing and less time wondering, “Gee, where is the nearest bathroom? At the Starbucks at the other end of the park?” Nope, there’s a bank of porta-potties clearly labeled in multiple spots on the event map, conveniently located near the main attractions to keep your guests close to all the action.

  1. Localized Facilities Make for a Sense of Camaraderie

Forget the isolation of the singular option or your grandma’s Gens/Dames bar bathroom setup. Porta potties are for everyone to mingle and take care of business in an efficient way. Event attendees can make their trips to the toilet in troops. If you set up a bank of multiple toilets, multiple lines will form. Group socializing and discussing the event is bound to happen. Really simple interactions that foster a sense of community among event attendees can happen when organizers provide group amenities. Going to the bathroom isn’t a pause in the activities, but another forum to increase everyone’s experience. For those with a strong aversion to portable toilets, experiencing one’s less than favorite activity in a group will certainly take the pressure off of the lonely trip.

  1. Diverse Options for a Diverse Crowd

Do you want your guests to be able to avoid that hole in the ground and the assault on the senses within? While standard outside toilet rentals are the less expensive route, you might want to consider a special area for a flushing toilet rental if you’re bringing in guests who prefer a more luxurious, less odious place to squat. Some companies even provide flushing toilets within a clean trailer. If you decide to go this route in your planning, make sure to check out trailers with wheelchair-accessible ramps. Porta potty trailers with ramp access can often be a more comfortable option than standard porta potties for attendees in wheelchairs. Providing alternative porta potties will keep your guests from having any negative associations with their time spent at the event.

Your guests are certain to be happier and more enthusiastic about the festivities if you, the organizer, can smoothly meet this most basic of needs in a sanitary and easily accessible way. Give your event exactly what your guests are looking for with the portable sanitation services from Mr. John. Suppliers of a diverse range of port a john rentals and restroom trailers, Mr. John has just what you need to keep your guests happy all day long. When quality service and professionalism count for your sanitation needs, get in touch with the experts at Mr. John!