The secret to the success of any event is proper planning and preparation. However, amidst all the other moving parts of the event planning process, sanitation needs can often fall by the wayside.

While it may not be first on your mind, your special event’s portable sanitation facilities and rentals may just be one of the most important elements of the planning process. If you are in charge of renting portable restrooms for a special event, then health, safety, comfort and convenience should be a top priority for your team. Make sure you have all the bases covered when it comes to your sanitary stations and follow along as we walk you through the planning process, one step at a time.

Defining the Type of Event You’re Hosting

When it comes to your sanitation and portable restroom needs, different events will require different services. For example, if you’re hosting an outdoor wedding or celebration you may not find a standard porta potty to be quite the right fit for the feel of your special day. Many portable restroom suppliers carry a full range of toilet and restroom rentals, making it rather easy to choose just the perfect pairing for your event.

Number of Guests & Determining Your Duration

The number of attendees you’re expecting and the duration of your event will ultimately be the two factors that determine how many toilet rentals you should plan for. The availability of restrooms can very well make or break your special event, so play it on the safe side and ask yourself the following questions before choosing your portable toilet services:

  1. How many people are expected to attend?
  2. How long is your event?
  3. Are guests will special needs expected to attend?
  4. Is food, drink or alcohol being served at your event?

After you’ve taken the time to figure out the finer details of your special event, turn to a special event planning guide and reach out to a portable restroom service supplier to help you determine how many units you’ll need to keep your event a success.

Take the Forecast into Account

What many event planners don’t realize is that the temperature has a direct effect on just how many times your porta potties will be used throughout the day. As temperatures rise, your guests are more likely to be hydrating themselves throughout the day, resulting in more trips to your portable restroom rentals. Stay on top of the increased demand by making sure you have a routine cleaning schedule to keep your guests satisfied and enough toilet units to keep long lines from forming.

Think About the Menu for the Day

It’s common knowledge that serving food or drinks at your event will almost certainly leave your toilet rentals being used more often than average, so make sure to keep the menu in mind when arranging for your portable sanitation services. Make sure you have enough restrooms on site to keep up with peak times, and remember that alcoholic beverages can increase usage by up to 40%.

Accommodating for Special Needs

Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, you may need to make sure the appropriate accommodations are in place to cater to these special guests. If seniors or handicapped people will be in attendance, you may want to opt for a wheelchair accessible unit equipped with a ramp and handrails to allow for easy use. For family-friendly affairs, having a family-sized toilet rental with changing tables will help keep the whole family happy all day long. If you’re event is open to the public, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires at least 5% of your units to be wheelchair accessible.

Location, Location, Location

Possibly the most important part of any portable sanitation plan is choosing just where you’ll be placing your toilet rentals. Too close to the action may leave lingering smells in the air if you’re not careful, but too far could leave your guests rushing to the restroom. Whenever choosing your portable sanitation station, keep in mind that they should be placed on a flat surface that can be easily accessed by the sanitation supply and maintenance trucks.

No matter what size or style event you are planning, make sure all of your sanitation needs are covered by working with the sanitation supply experts at Mr. John. Since 1964, Mr. John has been the go-to restroom rental and sanitation supplier for special events, construction sites and private parties all throughout Western Pennsylvania. With so much experience on their side and the largest fleet of portable restrooms in their arsenal, Mr. John has just what you need to ensure the success of your special event. Don’t let poor sanitation derail your event’s success and get in touch with Mr. John today.

Sanitation Planning Checklist