There are many outdoor events that will benefit from short-term rental of a porta potty or toilet trailer. Even if the event has indoor or outdoor public restrooms available, the number of guests in attendance may leave you in need of more restrooms—or strategically placed restrooms. The events below are likely to benefit from outdoor toilet rentals.

Outdoor Wedding and Reception

Depending on the location you are hosting your outdoor wedding, indoor restrooms may be hard to come by. Even if public restrooms are available, renting spacious and comfortable toilet trailers has many advantages. Toilet trailers are ideal for black tie weddings, as well as the general formal attire required at most weddings. By providing toilet trailers to your guests at your outdoor wedding and reception, you can also ensure that they have a clean and well-stocked restroom available to them.

Even if clean and well stocked public restrooms are available at the beach or park you are throwing your wedding at, by providing your guests with their own toilet trailer, you can ensure they are not left waiting in the long lines with other patrons of the venue.

Sporting Events and Facilities

For convenience and ease, many sports teams and facilities turn to toilet rentals when hosting their sporting events. While public restrooms are often available at outdoor sporting venues, they may not be able to keep up with the traffic of a large event. On top of that, strategically placing your toilet rentals throughout the gaming area, sports facility, or along the running path—makes it easier for both athletes and patrons to use the facilities without taking them away for more than a minute or two.

Family Reunions

Many family reunions are held in public parks, or even in a large backyard. To ensure that your beloved family members do not miss out on valuable time together while standing in line for the restroom—consider a comfortable restroom trailer rental. If your reunion will run into the wee hours, a toilet trailer with lighting may be a better option than a porta potty.

Company Events

Many companies turn to outdoor team building events, to break up the monotony of the daily grind. A restroom trailer rental will allow your team the ability to occupy their designated area of the venue, without infringing on the public facilities other patrons also need to utilize.

Community Events

There are many community events that will benefit from porta potties or toilet trailers. Just a few community events to consider are:

  • Seasonal and Holiday Events
  • Parades
  • Fairs
  • Outdoor Charity Events
  • Community-Wide Parties
  • Neighborhood or Block Parties

By strategically placing toilet rentals throughout community events, attendees can answer the call of nature—without bombarding local businesses and restaurants with increased traffic to their restrooms.

If you believe that you will benefit from toilet rentals for your upcoming event, ensure you understand the vital difference between a porta potty rental and a toilet trailer. Most of us are familiar with the traditional porta potty, but toilet trailers offer a spacious, temperature controlled restroom with running water—and toilets that flush. This makes toilet trailers and appropriate solution for formal, professional or larger events.

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