As we begin to move closer to cold and flu season throughout the U.S., Mr. John sought out to uncover some of America’s dirtiest secrets when it comes to their practice of good hygiene. In their latest nationwide poll, the portable sanitation experts at Mr. John surveyed hundreds of Americans to discover just how many of us washed our hands after using the bathroom.


Overall, Mr. John discovered that is safe to assume that the majority of Americans do, in fact, practice good hygiene by washing their hands after using the bathroom. Let’s explore the results even further to uncover more trends about hand washing habits across the country.

Hand Washing Habits Across the United States

After digging deeper into the overall results, Mr. John was able to discover that throughout the United States, women seemed more likely to wash their hands than their male counterparts.


Gender was not the only factor that seemed to have a role in the hand washing and sanitation habits across the country. The age of the respondent also seemed to dictate how often (or not often) Americans would wash their hands after using the bathroom.


Despite these trends and habits, hand washing after using the bathroom and at other times throughout the day is essential for anyone who is looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep from becoming sick.

Why Proper Hand Sanitation and Washing is Important

Hand washing is the easiest way to prevent infection and reduce your risk of catching or spreading any disease-carrying germs and bacteria. Throughout your day, your skin collects germs from the surfaces, objects and people you come in contact with.

Whether you use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap, keeping your hands clean is one of the simplest ways to stay healthy. When you wash your hands, you severely reduce your risk of catching or spreading a cold, flu or other infectious diseases.

Bathrooms, both public and private, are one of the most common areas to catch one of these infectious diseases. The handle of your toilet alone can carry up to 40,000 germs per square inch, making it highly important that you practice good hygiene after contact with any surface in the bathroom. However, it is important to remember that hand washing should not be a bathroom activity. Throughout the home or workplace, there are several areas and objects that may be even more prone to infectious germs, bacteria or viruses. Some of the strongest germs can survive for as long as two hours, making proper hand washing crucial for anyone looking to stay healthy.

Are You Washing Your Hands Correctly?

Even if you are washing your hands regularly, you may not be doing enough to prevent the spread of illness and kill infection-carrying bacteria. According to the USA Today, only 5% of Americans are washing their hands effectively enough to kill and prevent the spreading of infection.

Proper hand washing technique takes less than a minute of your time and can often make a huge difference in your body’s overall health. In addition to washing your hands after using the bathroom, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention advises that you wash your hands while preparing food, before eating, after helping someone who is sick, after cleaning your home and before & after treating a cut or wound.

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