When an emergency occurs, local portable sanitation companies are on hand to respond to your sanitation needs. Portable sanitation suppliers train their employees to handle all sorts of emergencies, having personnel on hand to handle everything from planning to execution of sanitary services.

No one ever wants a disaster to occur, but we must always be prepared for the worst. Making sure you have a plan in place to handle any potential emergency or disaster scenario is crucial for a quick and effective response. Here’s an inside look at what products a portable sanitation company can offer in times of emergency.

Portable Restrooms and Toilet Trailers

Standard and flushing portable toilets are always on standby and ready for expedited delivery within a moment’s notice. Providing adequate facilities to the emergency or disaster area should be a top priority, as both those affected by the emergency and those responding to the emergency will be in need of a temporary sanitation solution. Toilet rentals come in a variety of styles that can be customized to fit with almost any situational need you may have.

Depending on the size and extent of the damage, a restroom trailer may be a more suitable option for your emergency sanitation needs. A standard restroom trailer can accommodate 130 people, and bigger toilet trailers can accommodate up to 800 people. Toilet trailers will provide the experience of a permanent restroom, and can serve as a replacement when restrooms in the area are rendered useless due to damage or water main breaks.

Fresh Water Supplies

In some emergency situations, running water may not always be available. Portable sanitation companies can provide portable hand wash stations to allow for quick and convenient access to running water in a variety of areas. Aqua flush systems and other water services can also be customized to help bring running water to the site of the emergency.

If your site does have access to running water, a shower trailer can be brought in to provide your emergency workers or those affected by the emergency with shower stalls, flushing toilets, urinals, sinks and more. Shower units can be customized to accommodate a high volume of users in one location, giving users access to hot & cold running water, heating & air conditioning, cleaning supplies and more.

Office Trailers & Storage Containers

With any disaster or emergency relief effort, planning and coordination are keys to quick and effective relief. Mobile office trailers allow for on-site planning and execution, and can be ordered in a variety of sizes to accommodate any site needs.

Storage containers allow for safe and easy storage of equipment, personal belongings and much more. Mobile storage containers are a flexible, heavy-duty solution that are a great solution to providing temporary storage space.

When disaster strikes, turn to the experts in portable sanitation service by getting in touch with Mr. John. Carrying the largest fleet of portable restrooms, mobile office trailers, and fresh water services in the area, the team at Mr. John is proud to offer our services in the event of an emergency. Our wealth of experience has led our team to safe and timely execution or portable sanitation in even the most hazardous of conditions. Don’t wait to have an emergency plan in place, reach out to Mr. John today!