You may be familiar with portajohns and porta-potties, even if it leads to a cringe-worthy reaction. That’s because generally speaking, the portable toilet rentals most of us grew up with are the single unit, cramped, smelly, sitting stalls that serve as a short-term solution to temporary sanitation problems.

The truth is that portable restroom options have grown in the past few years. Believe it or not, some of the portable restroom trailers on the market may actually be cleaner than the public restrooms you find throughout your community.

And America is taking notice of the porta potty evolution. In a recent survey conducted by the temporary sanitation experts here at Mr. John, we learned that 70% of the country feels that not all portajohns are created equally.

The portable toilets of today are much more than their smelly, single unit ancestors. They contain sinks, soaps, flushing toilets, toilet paper and so much more. If you’re planning an outdoor event in the upcoming months, here are just some of the newest options you have for your portajohn rentals.

Today’s Standard Portable Toilet: Beyond the Basics

Nowadays, even your most basic options for portajohns go above and beyond the portajohns of old. Ideal for construction sites, industrial facilities, or even parks and campgrounds, the standard portajohn unit offers everything you need for a comfortable restroom experience.

While the ‘standard unit’ may not sound like much, these basic units are a big step up from the portajohns from your youth. Featuring roomy interiors, interior locks & coat hooks, a recharging deodorizer and fully stocked toilet paper and hand sanitizer, the standard portable toilet is the quick and easy go-to solution for hundreds of event organizers across the country.   For events that are a bit more long-term, the standard plus portajohn provides guests with all the conveniences of the standard unit with the addition of a fresh water sink for a deeper clean.

Superior Comfort & Class with Deluxe and VIP Portajohns

Although standard portable toilets have come a long way in recent years, upscale event organizers often want something more out of their toilet rentals. Luxury  toilet rentals provide just that and then some. Perfect for special events, weddings or even family reunions, luxury toilet rental options offer a step above the standard and standard plus portajohns.

For smaller-sized upscale events, the deluxe unit and the VIP unit are the perfect solutions. Featuring flushing toilets, interior lighting, fresh water sinks, soap dispensers and even a vanity mirror, these luxury toilet rentals will give your guests a more upscale feel while adding comfort and convenience.

If your event is pushing 200 guests and up, luxury bathroom trailers are an excellent solution for your sanitation needs. With all the amenities of a typical restroom, these toilet trailers range in size and functionality to fit your every need. For those of us who are looking for something a bit more luxurious, larger toilet trailers offer heating and air conditioning, stereo systems, marble countertops,  and more amenities that may have your guests forgetting they are using a portable bathroom at all.


Specialty Toilet Rentals for the Worksite

One of the most common places to find toilet rentals and portable toilet trailers is a construction site. Portable sanitation can provide worksites with a significant amount of labor savings by eliminating worker downtime from leaving the worksite to use the restroom.

When you’re creating your worksite sanitation plan, make sure that you are meeting all the OSHA standards for construction site sanitation. No matter what the job entails, you can bet there is a portajohn solution perfectly tailored to your worksite’s needs. Specifically designed for portability via elevator or crane, hi-rise units and sling units are perfect for projects where your workforce is above ground level. The unit can be placed virtually anywhere on the worksite, making it a great way to reduce time wasted on bathroom breaks and ensuring maximum productivity. Many portable toilet rental providers also offer additional water services and accessories that can help ensure your compliance with all OSHA regulations.

No matter what your sanitation needs may be, you can count on the temporary sanitation experts at Mr. John to have exactly what you need. Our portajohn rentals come in all shapes, sizes and varieties to ensure that your event has everything it needs to be a success amongst your guests. We even offer a huge selection of accessories and additional sanitation services to make sure your event is as clean and as sanitary as can be.  Don’t settle for second-rate toilet rentals for your next event. Get the quality service your guests deserve and contact Mr. John.