It seems as though whenever you leave the relative safety of the clean bathroom in your own home, there is always a risk of encountering a much less sanitary facility elsewhere. Public restrooms are provided as a convenience for shoppers at malls and in food courts, and for diners at restaurants, and at a great many other public venues as both a courtesy and an intentional strategy to keep you on the premises. If you leave the store because it has no bathroom, that store has probably just lost your business.

Then too, portable toilet trailers are usually made available by event organizers for much the same reason – first as a courtesy to patrons, and secondly to ensure that you don’t have to leave the event unsatisfied. Here again, you may not find the same level that you enjoy in your home.

Neither of these scenarios should be a surprise, since the sheer volume of traffic at a public restroom will always be far greater than at home, so there are many more opportunities for unsanitary conditions to develop. Coupled with that is the fact that human nature being what it is, people are simply less likely to be motivated to keep a public restroom clean because they don’t own it and will not have to clean it themselves at the end of the day.

So it’s fairly obvious that no public bathroom facility will be as clean or hygienic as the one in your house – but which of the two types of away-from-home bathrooms are cleaner, public restrooms or portable toilet trailers? Everyone is sure to have an opinion on this, because most people have had plenty of opportunity to experience both, and have been either pleasantly surprised, shocked and horrified, or somewhere in between.

Digging Up the Dirt on Public Restroom Cleanliness

Here’s something you might find surprising – the toilet in a public restroom is probably the cleanest object in the room. It’s the one thing that always gets attention from maintenance personnel during cleaning, and studies have conclusively determined in the past that you cannot contract illnesses from toilet seats.

The real germ-fest in a public restroom is taking place right on the floor itself. If you place an object on the floor, then pick it up and later touch your face with the same hand, you have quite likely transmitted something nasty to one of your body’s entry points. Typical public restrooms have been shown to harbor such potent germ and bacteria strains as step, E-Coli, staph, rotavirus, coliform, and even the powerful methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) virus, which can cause some very serious infections in humans.

Toilet Trailers Cleanliness

There is of course the potential for toilet trailers to be in a much worse state than even a public restroom, due to the fact that the events at which they are used have the potential for much rougher behavior. For instance, portable toilet trailers at a county fair or rock concert are likely to be used more harshly than is the restroom in a suburban mall.

However, there are other factors which operate very positively in favor of the portable toilet trailer. A restroom trailer rental for a specific event usually includes the option of having an attendant on hand whose sole responsibility is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene throughout the duration of that event. Not only does this ensure that messes never get out of hand, but with periodic antiseptic mopping, bacteria and germs are also kept at bay and accommodate up to 800 flushes!


Which is Cleaner?

Public restrooms are maintained at different levels – some are addressed once each day, others perhaps two or three times daily. In samplings conducted on the subject, the cleanest public facilities were found to be in hospitals, while the worst were discovered in airports and airplanes.

Typically portable toilet trailers are manned continuously at an outdoor event in anticipation of possible rough usage, and it is because of this greater attention to hygiene that portable trailers are more likely to be cleaner and more germ-free than their counterparts in public buildings everywhere.

So just what makes these portable toilet trailers so clean? For starters, the sanitation supplier you choose for your event has a lot to do with its quality and cleanliness. When good hygiene, cleanliness, and overall quality are a priority for your event, turn to the experts in portable toilet rentals and sanitation supplies by contacting the team at Mr. John. With their commitment to cleanliness and quality, Mr. John goes above and beyond when it comes to delivering your temporary sanitation solutions. Don’t settle for anything less than sparkling clean for your event, contact the portable toilet rental experts at Mr. John when it comes to planning your next event.