No matter what company they come from, portable toilets have built quite a reputation for being a less than sanitary solution for your events restroom needs. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Pittsburgh’s premier portable toilet suppliers at Mr. John has discovered that nearly ¾ of Americans feel the same.


However, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to portable sanitation, and many of these toilet rentals may actually be cleaner than the restroom in your own home! Let’s dig a bit further into just how clean your toilet rental actually is.

Inside the Results

According to their latest survey, it seems that many Americans regardless of age, gender or location remain unconvinced on just how clean portable restroom trailers and toilet rentals can be.

One interesting trend uncovered by our survey was the difference in acceptance of portable restrooms by men and women. According to our results, nearly 1/3 men found toilet rentals and portable restroom trailers to be clean sanitation solution, while only ¼ of all women surveyed felt the same.


Yet another interesting find in the results of our survey was centered around the age of our respondents. According to our results, it seems that older respondents viewed porta potties more favorably than younger Americans.


So, what’s the reasoning behind the disdain and differing opinions on portable toilet rentals? Are they really as dirty and unsanitary as some seem to believe?

Portable Toilets: Not As Dirty as You Think

While the public toilet seat is often heralded as one of the dirtiest things we encounter in a day, the truth is that there are several items we use each day that are far dirtier than the average portable restroom. While the toilet seat does carry its own fair share of germs, it actually passes the standard ‘sanitary surface’ test that marks the toilet seat found in many portable restrooms as technically clean enough to eat off of, even the cleanest surface in the entire restroom in some circumstances.

Public restrooms may contain several kinds of bacteria, but you are far more likely to pick up the same harmful bacteria from the items you hold near and dear each day. One of the leading culprits in bacteria is the mobile phone. In fact, the standard cell phone is home to over 500 times the bacteria found on the average toilet seat.

Studies have actually shown that you are more likely to catch disease-carrying bacteria during a picnic than you are while using a porta potty or public restroom. Even the office isn’t safe, as the average computer keyboard is home to up to 400 times the amount found on a public toilet seat.

Keeping Clean in the Restroom

So, why the high germ counts for phones, tablets, and other common everyday items? All signs point to the country’s ignorance towards proper hand washing after using the restroom. Keeping your hands clean is one of the most important things you can do for your body’s health, helping you avoid illness while preventing the spread of germs yourself.

According the Clean Hands Coalition, just one touch is all it takes for harmful bacteria to spread throughout the home or from person to person. Regularly washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is the best way to reduce the amount of germs your body is exposed to throughout the day.

As we mentioned earlier, the bathroom is not the only place your body is at risk the disease-carrying germs and bacteria, so washing your hands all throughout the day is highly recommended in order to keep your body as healthy as can be.

More than Just a Toilet

One of the largest misconceptions about porta potties and toilet trailer rentals is that they are just used as a last resort for when the guests of your event simply can’t hold it in any longer. However, today’s toilet rentals come equipped with a full range of amenities that provide all the comforts of a private restroom in a public setting. From fully stocked freshwater sinks to marble-walled luxury toilet trailers, you are sure to find a sanitary solution perfectly outfitted for all of your event needs.

Another added perk of using portable toilet rentals for your next event is that your guests are certain to be satisfied. When working with a portable sanitation supplier, a professional will walk you through the planning process to help to make the most out of your toilet rentals to keep your guests’ bladders empty and their happiness at a high.

Give your guests a bathroom they won’t be afraid to use by getting all of your portable toilet rentals from Mr. John. Since 1964, Mr. John has built a reputation for their outstanding quality, cleanliness and impeccable customer service to help any event become an instant hit. When cleanliness and comfort counts with your event, contact the team at Mr. John to handle all of your event sanitation and portable toilet rental needs.