Project managers know more than anyone else that efficiency on the worksite is essential if you’re looking to keep costs down and improve productivity. However, keeping your work crew working their hardest isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

No matter how big or small your project may be, planning your construction site is always a difficult process as there is no end to the details that need to be accounted for. With site managers quickly getting caught up arranging permits, labor, costs and equipment, sanitation often becomes an afterthought. However, outfitting your worksite with the proper portable toilet rentals may just be exactly what you need to ensure the success of your worksite.

Improving the Worksite with Portable Sanitation

Few things can derail your construction site’s success quite like a loss of efficiency. By providing workers with clean toilet trailers or portable toilet rentals, you ensure that they remain on the job longer and work harder to the completion of your project.

OSHA Regulations aside, having a portable restroom trailer or toilet rental unit nearby allows you to help your workers stay on the job at hand for longer periods of time. In fact, many sanitation supply companies make a range of portable toilet rentals that can accommodate even the hardest to reach areas of a construction site to help cut back on time lost.

Another huge bonus to having the proper portable sanitation equipment on hand is that it helps keep the worksite safe and clean. Without the proper sanitary measures in place, workers exposed to the outdoor elements and construction debris are at high risk of catching bacteria and germs. By placing portable sanitation stations throughout the worksite – such as freshwater sinks, antibacterial soap or hand sanitizing stations – you can help your workers fight off germs and stay healthy while on the job.

Perhaps the most overlooked benefit to having portable sanitation stations throughout the worksite is that proper hygiene leads to happier workers. There have been countless studies showing just how much of a difference a “happy” worker makes when compared to an otherwise normal worker. One sure way to keep your workers happy is to provide them with the proper, clean sanitation stations and storage equipment needed to help get them through the workday.

What Does Your Construction Site Need?

Now that you have an understanding of just how effective portable construction site sanitation and equipment can be for your worksite, it’s time to start planning your site with all the essential equipment you need to improve your worker’s productivity.

First and foremost, arranging for the proper number of toilet rental units is a must if you’re looking to keep your crew comfortable, clean and productive on the job. Whenever it comes time to choose how many units you’ll need, remember to factor in the amount of employees of each gender working on the site, as well as how often you plan to service your units. Work closely along with your portajohn supplier to make sure you have the correct amount of units to keep all of your workers happy. In addition to portajohns and toilet trailers, many project managers choose to include freshwater hand washing stations on the worksite to help ensure on-the-job cleanliness.

If you’re really looking for ways to improve efficiency on the worksite, check with your toilet rental supplier to see what other services they offer. Some sanitation suppliers include storage containers and mobile office trailers in their services to help further enhance productivity on the work site and keep your project moving forward quickly and efficiently.

Keep all aspects of your construction site running as smoothly as can be with help from the experts at Mr. John. Since 1964, Mr. John has built a reputation for being Western Pennsylvania’s leading supplier of portable sanitation and construction efficiency services to help projects of all shapes and sizes improve productivity and build their bottom line. Don’t let delays and inefficiencies derail your construction project and work alongside the sanitation experts at Mr. John for all of your work site needs.