Cleaning Up America’s Hand Washing and Hygiene Habits

As we begin to move closer to cold and flu season throughout the U.S., Mr. John sought out to uncover some of America’s dirtiest secrets when it comes to their practice of good hygiene. In their latest nationwide poll, the portable sanitation experts at Mr. John surveyed hundreds of Americans to discover just how many… Read more »

Importance of Hand Sanitation After Bathroom Use: Slide Show

When you’re in a rush, taking the time to properly wash your hands may seem to be a simple inconvenience that can be easily bypassed. In fact, recent studies have shown that 95% of Americans are washing their hands improperly. While most restrooms private and public throughout the country have the proper means available, some… Read more »

Hand Sanitizer Service

As a market leader with a commitment to our brand ideals, and those of our customers, Mr. John now includes hand sanitizer as part of our standard service. We have been providing special event and single day rentals with hand sanitizer for the last two decades, and feel it’s a basic human right for all… Read more »