Are you planning a construction project? You will need an office trailer or container offices to help you stay organized and to set up shop on. How can you find the right trailer? What things will you need for the trailer to work effectively? Here are some things you need to consider if you need to establish office set ups.

Survey the Site

To know what you will need to work on the site, take some time to survey the site and take notes. You need to look for any existing utility amenities for the office trailers. A trailer or container office will need to have access to utilities like water, electricity, and phone lines. You should also obtain any necessary permits, and provide a level and obstacle-free space on locatio.  Once you know what you need for your site, you can then find office facilities to bring to the site.

Establish Phone and Data Connections

Having a working phone line is vital to the success any construction site. Without a phone line you will find it hard to do your job, and you may not have access to the Internet. Arrange for phone and data lines to be established as soon as the office facilities are set in place. This will allow you to get started with the office arrangements immediately as a phone is your lifeline. Uninterrupted construction requires access to a fax machine 24/7 as updated contracts and plans are often sent via fax and through the Internet all of which are made easier with the addition of an on-site trailer or container offices.

Create a Border

You will need to install large fences around the construction site to keep people out of the site facilities. If your client wants the project to be done with discretion, you will need a large privacy fence around the property. Most construction crews will attach signs to the outside of the fences with the company logo. The posters need to include details for people to contact in case of an emergency on the property. Install security devices on the container offices and office trailers to prevent theft from occurring. Locks and CCTV equipment are needed to protect the equipment and other materials from being stolen.

Adding Site Facilities

It is important to include site facilities for the workers to use restrooms. Some of the site facilities you need to add will include toilets, material storage units, changing trailers, and a canteen. As water is essential to the site, find out if you can get sewage connections for the site. This can prevent you from needing to use portable toilets. Inform the management about the setup requirements for the site to provide the best facilities to your staff.

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