More than just a convenience, on-site porta johns are an investment that results in measurable financial savings for construction managers. While porta johns might not be the first item contractors think of when plotting out the logistics of a construction site, on-site sanitation is a monetary, health, and site preservation concern for property developers. Here are a few of the benefits that offering portable bathroom facilities on-site can offer construction managers.

Keep More Money In Your Pocket

There is a steep cost associated with neglecting on-site sanitation. It is measured most easily in terms of labor. For every $1 invested in sanitation, it earns a $4 return. With an on-site porta john, workers won’t have to drive elsewhere to find a bathroom. Keeping workers on-site and minimizing the time they need for a restroom break improves the productivity of the entire construction team and can make the project finish faster. The earlier a project can be completed, the more profit contractors ultimately earn from it because the costs of renting equipment, insurance, and worker wages are all lowered.

Prevent Sanitation Issues & Property Spoilage

In some cases if a bathroom isn’t available or the wait lines are too long, a worker may decide to create his own facilities by using the side of a wall or a part of the infrastructure being built. This can damage property or even render supplies unfit for use. The cost of replacing materials can be avoided if adequate sanitation facilities are provided. This behavior also puts other workers at risk for falling ill as a result of contaminated or unclean conditions.

Porta johns that are approved for use must pass 25 different points of inspection, including checks on sterility, functionality, and safety. Porta john rental companies also maintain standards for servicing rental units so that they remain stocked and fresh throughout the duration of their use.

Save Environmental Resources

Using porta johns doesn’t just save yourself building and financial resources, it also saves on water. Standard porta john units only use 10% of the water that conventional toilets use. With that difference, every day porta johns save 125 million gallons of water. That translates into about 190 Olympic-sized swimming pools per day.

Benefits of Porta John Rentals

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