When it comes to planning a large event, making sure you have adequate restroom facilities is essential. Planning a successful wedding, concert, fair, or large event is not an easy task. Hiring the right portable restroom company to help you handle the needs of your guests can make a drastic difference in the overall satisfaction level of your attendees. Whether you are looking for portable bathrooms for concerts or porta potties for weddings, here are some tips to help you get started.

Facility Requirements

Knowing how many portable toilets to order for your event is fairly formulaic for sanitation industry veterans. On average, a person will use the restroom every one to three hours. If you are serving alcoholic beverages and other drinks at the event, it can increase the usage of the restrooms by up to 40%. Have the duration of the event and the number of guests on hand when you place an order for portable toilet rental. That information will allow a porta john company to calculate how many portable toilets should be used. Typically, a relatively small 8-hour event for 50 people would require just 2 porta potties. The same event for 1,000 people would call for at least 10 porta potties.

If you do not order the right number of portable toilets, you can end up with long lines, which can make guests frustrated. The other downside to unmanageable lines is that it can cause people to leave the event early, or it can discourage people from eating and drinking at the event, which reduces the profit you can make from guests at concerts, fairs, and so on.

Guest Requirements

One of the most important features to consider as you order porta potties for weddings, concerts, and other events is the likelihood of disabled individuals attending the event. You may not have an actual number, but there is a good chance you will need to order several porta potties that are designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities, such as wheelchair accessible porta potties.

Porta john rental companies will also stock a variety of portable toilet trailers for more elegant outdoor events. While you are ordering portable toilets, make sure that the accommodations you decide on match the sophistication level of the event, too.

Outdoor Lighting

If your event is held at night, you should consider providing adequate lighting for the porta potty area. Create an effective layout for the concert or wedding to determine where you want to position the potties, and make sure they are well-lit.


To reduce waste from being spread over the property grounds, place garbage cans and exterior hand washing stations near the porta potties. This will encourage people to throw their trash away instead of throwing trash into the porta potty or tossing it on the ground. Have staff members check the porta potties at least once every hour for cleanliness, and encourage the use of antibacterial wipes to clean the inside of the restrooms. Some portable toilet trailers will include sink systems. Since 80% of all infectious diseases are spread through improper hand washing, it is important to consider opting for hand sanitizers inside the porta potties or hand washing stations.

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