By Jeff Wolfarth, General Manager

As you know, every winter is a little different. Some are colder than others and some have more snow, but one thing is always true.

The roads can get icy at any time, the job sites are slippery, and the units get frozen. These are all things that are out of our control, but what we can control is how we react to them and how we prepare for them.

I always say the most important safety tool is your brain. Take the extra ten seconds to think before you act and always expect the unexpected. If you wonder if the bend is icy, IT IS! If you ask yourself if you should shovel the snow from your flatbed, YOU SHOULD!

The few seconds you spend thinking about how to do something safely are meaningless at the end of the day, but the accident or injury that you avoid is worth its weight in gold.

Please think safety first, and then act accordingly.