The luxury portable toilets of today bear little resemblance to the more basic units which first appeared in the 1970’s as a solution to providing temporary outdoor bathroom facilities at events like concerts, carnivals, fairs, corporate events, and other events where large gatherings of people might be expected.

While those units of the past did serve the purpose, a great many misconceptions grew up around them, regarding their level of sanitation, their cost, and the health advisability of using them. Luxury portable bathrooms of today are so much better than those basic original units, that they actually approximate and sometimes exceed the levels of hygiene and comfort you might expect from a visit to the bathroom in your own home.

What To Expect from a Luxury Portable Bathroom

A typical luxury portable bathroom today might feature a stainless steel commode, a fresh flushing system, and an internal hand wash station or sink, to alleviate guests’ concerns about keeping their hands germ-free. The water source for an internal hand-washing system is a water supply separate from the flushing system, so that no cross-contamination occurs, and hands are always being washed with sanitary water.

There might also be overhead solar powered lighting, with a built-in paper towel receptacle, and even a large or full-length mirror, to allow guests to freshen their appearance before leaving. From this it can be seen that there are a great many differences between a luxury portable bathroom and the much more basic units of old.

Portable Bathrooms for Weddings

Portable bathrooms for weddings do require a special solution for providing outdoor bathroom facilities to guests. Gatherings for formal events like weddings generally bring together large groups of people at residences, which of course are equipped with no more than one or two bathrooms at best.

At such a formal event, a slip-up or oversight with outdoor sanitation could cause an unpleasant situation and mar the event, or at the very least cause some embarrassment or discomfort for the wedding couple. In addition, attendees will all be dressed in their finest clothing, and will expect that same level of class and elegance in any outdoor bathroom facility arranged for the event.

Fortunately, luxury portable bathrooms today are ideally equipped with all the right amenities to satisfy even the most critical user of an outdoor bathroom facility. Guests who have never had occasion to use a luxury portable bathroom will be pleasantly surprised by all the features offered in a modern-day unit, including the flushing system, hand-washing station, freshening mirror, abundant lighting, and the ventilation system, which provides a clean, fragrant atmosphere inside the structure.

Additional Amenities

But the comfort and cleanliness don’t stop there – even more features are included in some portable trailers and luxury bathrooms. Many of the high-end units also include a full sink for guests’ convenience, as well as separate entrances for men and women, with lockable doors to prevent accidental intrusions.

Really upscale events may even provide units which are beautifully decorated for the event, and are an elegant reflection of the specific kind of event itself. One particular feature not often considered by organizers and planners is the spaciousness of a luxury portable bathroom. In many cases, no matter how well appointed and how luxurious a portable bathroom unit may be, the overall impression retained by a user might still be negative if the unit was cramped and uncomfortable.

Having room to move around without bumping into things can make a huge impression on users, and it allows them to fully appreciate all the other amenities which have been included. Spaciousness would be especially appreciated by larger guests of course, who might be unwilling or unable to make use of small-sized portable units.

To really add a touch of class, appropriate music for the event can be piped in, breath mints or candies can be placed on the countertop, and a restroom attendant can even be hired to ensure the facility retains its pristine condition throughout the event. There really is no limit to the number of special touches that could be included in one of these luxury bathrooms, so that extras like ceramic toilets, granite countertops, soap, towels, and even flowers might grace the interior of a really well thought out luxury unit.

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