Out With The Old and In With The New!

Sorting through various products and pages can be overwhelming, so we wanted to make Tri-Boro Trailer’s website more efficient than ever. Our newly redesigned website has enhanced, user-friendly features giving site visitors ease when navigating through pages, printable PDF’s, guidelines, and much more.

What Else Is New?

Our several upgrades also include our “New Client” section  Here we made it easier for new businesses and clientele to receive information and/or begin the process of renting our products. For those that are not familiar with our products, a full Service Guide is provided within our site for maintenance instructions and lease agreements. Detailed information is also provided in our FAQ section including common questions asked regarding services, account information, permits, fees, and product inclusions, to name a few.

Additionally, Tri-Boro Trailer’s site incorporates the Benefits and guaranteed service that follows when choosing our company.

Our Trifecta Discount has been updated for quicker, all-in-one shopping making Mr. John and Tri-Boro Trailer your One Stop Shop! With this discount you can save more by renting the combination of a portable toilet, storage container and trailer(s) at once for maximum coverage and efficiency.

An alternative way to save time and money is through the Double Play Discount which includes savings when you bundle a Mr. John portable toilet rental with an office trailer or storage container and to ensure the best service available, equipment delivery, pick up and services for all discounts and rentals are all done by our in-house Tri-Boro employees.


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