The winter months are approaching. As a construction site manager, it is important to begin the planning process in order to prepare your worksite and protect your important capital equipment. Office trailers for rent as well as mobile storage containers are just some of the essential additions you’ll need to keep your site safe and operational, even in the harshest winter weather.

Winterizing your worksite for the coming months is key to staying on top of your job and keeping on schedule. Make sure you’re prepared for the cold temperatures and harsh conditions winter can bring and take advantage of the rental storage solutions available to enhance your construction site’s conditions.

The Importance of Prepping for Winter

One of the reasons for preparing your construction worksite for winter is to help lower costs and reduce scheduling delays. Creating safe walkways and protective covering as well as storage facilities for important construction equipment is imperative to staying on task. You rely on your equipment for a particular job. You purchase materials with the purpose of utilizing them in the building process. Make sure you have the proper storage capabilities to keep your equipment safe and your materials usable.

A public education campaign launched by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) stresses the importance of planning, equipping and training employees for winter construction safety. This effort by OSHA and NOAA recognizes the hazards presented by the conditions brought on by winter. These hazards include slippery roads and surfaces, cold weather and the strong winds that may cause damage to a work project or injury to employees.

Why Renting Mobile Storage Containers are Important

Mobile storage containers for rent provide you with a convenient solution for your worksite storage needs. A 20 or 40-foot steel container provides you with valuable space to place your heavy equipment, building materials and/or other supplies that you want to keep protected from the effects of severe winter weather. Large storage containers are designed to withstand the elements and protect your equipment and material from damage or unnecessary environmental exposure. Depending on the size of your construction project, you should plan accordingly for the rental of several containers that can be placed strategically throughout the site and provide you with storage ease and access.

Why rent mobile storage containers? As a construction project manager, your job is to bring the project to completion on time and within budget. If the time needed to build your project includes the months during winter where inclement weather will be a factor, your need for additional on-site storage will only be for that period of time. Instead of investing dollars in a permanent storage solution with a temporary need, you can maximize your budget and fulfill your winter construction storage needs all at once through the rental of mobile storage containers.

Obtaining an Office Trailer for Your Winter Construction Project

Protecting people is as equally important to the success of your construction project during winter as protecting equipment and materials. This is especially true if you need to spend time reviewing work and conducting inspections of the worksite during the winter. Providing an office trailer for the job site gives you a warm, dry facility to conduct business, store important construction drawings and documents, and allow you to maintain your timelines no matter what is happening outside. An office trailer is as essential to your worksite as the storage solutions you rent.

As winter approaches, meeting your storage needs is an important part of your construction worksite management. Mobile office trailers and large storage containers provide you with what you need to meet deadlines, stay on task and complete your construction project. You should make the affirmative decision to look into storage rental solutions for your current job site. Rental containers do more than store materials, equipment and site plans; they help you complete work even when the winter weather conditions dictate otherwise.

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