By Megan Wolfarth, Training and Safety Director

There are many policies in place at Mr. John that are designed with your safety in mind. Some examples are the safety glasses that are required while servicing portable toilets or working in the shop, the eyewash station in case of accidents or the fire extinguishers that are in all of our trucks. It all is done for the safety of everyone that works here.

With that in mind, there is one thing that is nearly impossible to enforce – using your brain! There is no safety tool or personal protective gear that works better than your noggin, and it shows! Luck also plays a part, but mostly it’s using your head and watching for safety hazards before they happen.

A head-on collision can be avoided by making sure you follow right-of-way rules and obey all road signs. A slip, trip, or fall can be prevented by being aware of your surroundings. Backing accidents can be avoided by using the mirrors on the trucks and walking around the vehicle before starting to back up. These are just some examples of how to prevent serious, or even fatal, accidents.

I know that things get busy during the summer, but taking a few extra minutes a day to do the right thing in terms of safety can save you months of injury and pain. Everyone that works here is a valuable part of the Mr. John team, and for someone to get injured can be devastating to us, as well as our families and friends. Please do your best to stay safe and follow all of the safety rules.