Where can I get more information?

For more information about Mr. John, please contact us at (800) 642-3791 or customerservice@mrjohnpit.com. Any other questions regarding portable sanitation can be answered by contacting the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) at (800) 822-3020 or info@psai.org

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. To open a commercial account, a credit application is required.

What are the minimum standards for service?

For Construction, Seasonal, and Long-Term rentals, service is provided weekly. For Special Event, Single Day/Weekend, and Wedding rentals, service will be performed when units are at 1/3 tank capacity. Service includes: Pumping or evacuating the effluent from the portable toilet receptacle into the truck holding tank Recharging the portable toilet receptacle Cleaning the interior of… Read more »

How many portable toilet units do I need?

For Construction, Seasonal, and Long-Term rentals, each weekly serviced toilet unit can accommodate 10 workers (working a single 40-hour shift). For Special Event, Single Day/Weekend, and Wedding rentals, each unit can accommodate approximately 200 uses with four (4) hours between uses before service is required. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that 5% of all… Read more »

What are the basic rental types?

Construction, Seasonal, and Long-Term rentals are portable sanitation facilities placed on sites or locations that require regularly scheduled service. Special Event, Single Day/Weekend, and Wedding rentals are portable sanitation facilities placed on a site on a short-term basis that require irregular or on demand service.

Why use portable sanitation?

Health Benefits Portable sanitation provides sanitation facilities where sewer and water hookups are not conveniently available, enhancing the health and environmental factors associated with a project or event. Environmental Benefits Portable sanitation conserves water by using only 6 gallons of clean water to contain the 30 gallons of waste generated by a 10-worker crew during… Read more »

What if a unit is inaccessible for service?

If a service driver is unable to access a unit, he/she will call Mr. John’s customer service department immediately. Customer service will ask the service driver a series of questions that will guide him/her through the appropriate steps before he/she can leave the site: What is preventing you from servicing the unit? Is there anything… Read more »

What geographic area does Mr. John Service?

We service the areas outlined in the map provided. We will, however, sometimes service outside of the designated area. Please contact our customer service department to discuss details at (800) 642-3791 or customerservice@mrjohnpit.com