wooden outhouse

At Mr. John, we’re proud to offer so much more than the standard porta potty. Believe it or not, there are all sorts of varieties and sizes to choose from. For instance, The Flush Plus, which includes a hands-free pumping flush and a self-contained fresh water sink. Other upgrades within this model include a mirror, soap and hand towels. Deluxe and VIP units feature a vanity mirror, perfect for more upscale events. The VIP unit even has added interior lighting, so that guests can really take a good look at themselves. Larger portable toilets include the Family Room, giving parents plenty of room for themselves and small children, and feature changing stations for added convenience. We also offer Wheelchair units, which are wider and accessible to handicapped individuals.

If you’ve ever wondered when the first portable toilet (not to get confused with the outhouse) was created, the answer is during World War II in the 1940s. The war required sturdy and sanitary toilet units that could be temporarily built on military bases.

The first generation of portable toilets were very heavy structures typically made out of wood or metal. They were challenging to transport from one location to the next. In the 1970s, Harvey Heather helped to changed that. He designed the first one-piece fiberglass unit, called the Strongbox. The product featured significant improvements, such as being much easier to clean and lighter to transport to and from sites. But, despite these improvements, the product still had some downfalls, including a lack of natural light and the inability to stack together if flatbed trucks were to transfer multiple Strongboxes at once.

Today, we celebrate how far we’ve come with the modernization of the portable bathroom. The standard porta-porty has a translucent roof to let natural light in so that bathroom users can actually see. They also feature non-slip floors for extra safety. Better ventilation allows for odors to escape to the outside. Finally, separate urinals and hand sanitation dispensers are also included for further sanitation purposes.

Whether you’re hosting an event, need restrooms on your construction site, or are looking to add accessories to improve your portable restroom experience, there are plenty of modern options to choose from. To read more about the modernization of the portable toilet from past to present, check out our timeline, here.

Mr. John offers a wide range of products, including portable toilets, restroom trailers, office trailers, storage containers, and ground-level office containers. Mr. John’s restroom fleet now exceeds 5,000 poly-plastic units, including standard, flushing, and wheelchair-accessible models. We continue to focus on offering a diverse product line and strive to provide the highest level of customer service. Interested in what we can do? Get in touch