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Photo of Mr. John toilets lined up at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field

If you are planning a family reunion, weekend festival, or any event that is sure to attract a large crowd – then you may want to consider a few temporary toilet solutions. Even if indoor bathrooms are available, the restrooms are often shared with other venue attendees – or simple may not be enough to accommodate your needs. Below are just a few things to consider when selecting portable toilets for your upcoming events/

The Size of the Guest List

First up, you want to consider how many guests will be in need of the facilities at your event. Some events will have a confirmed guest list, such as a family reunion, while others may force you to estimate. Determining the size of your guest list will help you best calculate how many porta johns you’ll need.

The Peak Times At Your Event

Even if you have determined that the onsite restrooms are adequate enough to meet your needs, you must also consider if your event has a peak time in which there will be a larger surge in restroom use.

A weekend food festival is likely to be slow the first few hours of the day – and increase in crowds and restroom use as the day progresses. This means that at some point during the day, that the onsite restrooms may be adequate – and at other times they may be insufficient. Flushing portable toilets can help to balance things out, while keeping your porta potties from becoming to unpleasant.

Strategically Placing Your Porta Potties

Many outdoor events are so spread out, or so packed full of attendees that it simply takes too long to maneuver through the crowd, or to and from the indoor facilities. Once your guests make their way to the facilities, they may find themselves waiting in excessively long lines.

By strategically placing flushing portable toilets throughout your event grounds, you can ensure that a restroom is always nearby while keeping your guests from running to the restroom.

The Main Facility’s Hours of Operation

You also need to inquire about the main facility’s hours of operation. They may not be available as early, or as late in the day as you might desire – so having portable toilets may be required. Even if they are open, they may not have staff on hand all hours of the day to clean, stock and maintain.

Portable Toilets as Your ‘Plan B’

Even if your location of choice has restrooms on-site, it is always a good idea to consider porta john rentals as a backup. This way, there are alternate facilities that can be used while the onsite restrooms are restocked and cleaned. You can rest assured that if the onsite toilets are out of order for any period of time, that facilities are still available for your guests.

The Best Temporary Toilet Solutions

If this is your first time selecting temporary toilet solutions, or if it has been a while since you have been in a porta john rental – then you might not be aware of all your options. While the standalone, single portable toilets are always an option, flushing portable toilets, family units and deluxe VIP porta potties are just a small sampling of the portable toilets for rent. Toilet trailers are so advanced that they rival many indoor facilities. Regardless of what you choose, many toilet rentals come standard with air fresheners and sanitizers to help keep your guests clean and satisfied.

Personalized Hygiene

Along with your porta john rentals, you may want to consider what personalized hygiene accessories you want to place throughout your event. Consider if you require handicap facilities, additional hand washing stations, and the type of amenities you prefer in each portable toilet.   For example, you may require additional hand washing stations for each of your outdoor food vendors. The formality of your event will help to determine some of these needs, as well as the age and mobility of those in attendance.

There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when planning an outdoor weekend event, and the importance of temporary toilet solutions must not be underestimated.

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Most individuals and groups have learned that it is wise to carefully plan every facet of a special event ─ whether a wedding, concert, food festival or carnival ─ especially when they are held outdoors. Nothing can be overlooked. If the event is to transpire without any problems or snafus, every detail must be completely considered, particularly temporary toilet solutions. When you meet the needs of your guests by choosing temporary special event restrooms that are suitable for the big day, everybody at your event will have more fun and a better day. To get started, here are a few portable restroom rental tips, options and benefits that will help you plan your events.  Read Full Post »

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Elite 10 Women InteriorThe luxury portable toilets of today bear little resemblance to the more basic units which first appeared in the 1970’s as a solution to providing temporary outdoor bathroom facilities at events like concerts, carnivals, fairs, corporate events, and other events where large gatherings of people might be expected.

While those units of the past did serve the purpose, a great many misconceptions grew up around them, regarding their level of sanitation, their cost, and the health advisability of using them. Luxury portable bathrooms of today are so much better than those basic original units, that they actually approximate and sometimes exceed the levels of hygiene and comfort you might expect from a visit to the bathroom in your own home. Read Full Post »