Mr. John Portable Toilet Rental

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If you are organizing an upcoming special event for the near future, and you’re expecting to have several dozen or event hundreds of people attending, then you certainly have quite a bit of planning on your plate. Whether it is for a corporate event, a family reunion, or a fun festival of several different affairs, you certainly want to make sure that you are thoroughly and properly prepared to accommodate all the necessary amenities for your valuable guests. Read Full Post »

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Portable bathrooms are rarely the ideal choice for most people, but they are necessary for any successful outdoor event. Fortunately, modern bathroom rental companies offer plenty of accessories that make the porta potty of old much more comfortable and convenient. They can also make things a lot easier to handle on your end if you choose the right accessories and amenities. If you’re planning any kind of event that will require a portable bathroom, here are some accessories that you simply should not go without. Read Full Post »

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Photo of the Mr. John Flush and Accessible Units

If you are planning an outdoor wedding this summer, you will need to consider if adding additional sanitation to your outdoor location is required. Even if your wedding is fairly casual, you are sure to want facilities that are a step up from the standard porta potty, or the average beach or park restroom.  Below are a few suggestions in luxury portable bathrooms and other sanitation accessories. Read Full Post »

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The Mr. John family

Restroom trailers and a deluxe porta potty rental might be just what you need to complete your next special event. These types of portable sanitation units are designed to help provide you with the facilities you need for your guests or event attendees. Making provisions for portable restroom trailers requires you to invest some time and effort in creating a sanitation site plan. This plan allows you to determine the appropriate mix of units needed to make your event truly special. Read Full Post »