Mr. John Portable Toilet Rental

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8x24 and 20' Container - Tri-Boro Trailer

A construction site requires a sanitation plan that is thorough and complete. Such a plan must meet the requirements of OSHA, including portable toilet trailers and a portable toilet with sink adequate to meet the needs of all workers and others accessing the site. The specific OSHA standards for the safety and health regulations for construction related to sanitation can be found in OSHA Standard Number 1926.51. Read Full Post »

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Photo of the Mr. John Flush and Accessible Units

Porta Johns are far removed from the “one-size-fits-all” solution in years past. Now, specialized porta potties are all the rage. Portable toilet rentals come in all shapes and sizes, making them suitable for almost any outdoor event you could think of. So whether you’re planning a lavish outdoor wedding or just need a simple solution to get your work crew through the day, follow along as we help you find the perfect porta potty to fit all of your sanitation needs. Read Full Post »

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Photo of the interior of a Mr. John Family Room Unit

Few things will derail a major event faster than not having enough of a necessity. You need to have a venue that has enough space for all of your guests; you need enough food to feed everyone, and you will probably need the right sound system to make sure all performers and speakers can be heard. All of this can spell disaster for your special occasion, but by far the worst thing you can do is not have enough bathrooms for everybody. While you probably won’t have much to worry about if your event is being held indoors, an outdoor event means contacting a service that offers porta potty rentals and making sure you don’t underestimate your guest turnout. Read Full Post »